Show and Tell

Kiss and tell isn’t our line, but show and tell is a whole other game. Two weeks, two fairs and you came in force. But what caught the eye? Our fair bestsellers, day by day. 



Monday | Aqua Allsorts

These were Monday blues of a different kind. The good kind. Our gemstone earrings and bracelets were wrapped in ribbon to match your favourite aqua necklaces. Perfect to match anything, neutral without being boring. Nobody likes dull do they.

Tuesday | On The Rocks

These sparklers aren’t just for bonfire night. They stole the show and it’s easy to see why. Dress to impress for the party season without the need for a security detail. They can be worn as lone rangers or layered for punch. Perfect whatever your mental age.

Wednesday | The Centrepiece

If you’re lucky there will be one of these with your name on it under the tree. No peeking. Our Walton remained the ring to rule them all. Everyone fell for the Como’s London Blue Topaz and for the eagle eyed, the Amazonite Iseo’s which flash at any occasion.

Thursday | Looking Rosy

This year’s hottest colour. Our fuschia pink earrings and rose gold jewellery grabbed all the attention. Some might say your show offs. We’d say you look hot and why not?

Friday | The Silver Mafia

Silver. No nonsense and straight to the point. Just the way we like you. The Kelso’s were an easy win when you just weren’t sure and the Bridgford is a classic whatever the outfit.

Saturday | Most Watched

Well, we are pretty thrilled with them and it seems like that made you tick too. Thank you. Rose Gold trumped as the perfect partner whether your finger flash is platinum or gold.

Sunday | Country Living

Perfect for the wild at heart, these pretty acorns, pinecones and golden eggs were squirreled away faster than we could say Happy Christmas.