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We were thrilled to spot our Manhattan Interchangeable Hoop Earrings in the Stylist Loves Newsletter today.

Stylist Loves Newsletter

Manhattan Interchangeable Hoop Earrings

“I used to shed jewellery like cats shed hair. I dropped earrings in bars and left bracelets in hotel rooms. Eventually, I just stopped wearing stuff I’d be sad to lose, sticking instead to unsentimental high street pieces.

Now, though, I’m venturing back into the realm of Proper Jewellery. Not diamonds and rubies, but quality pieces by small modern brands. My current obsession is these customisable Auree earrings: you start with silver or gold hoops, then pick your gem drop (I went with peppy green chrysoprase, but the range includes everything from moonstone to labradorite). They make me feel like a grown-up – and since I haven’t lost them yet, I think I just might be.”

Moya Crocket, Deputy Editor

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