This year I must…

When it comes to New Years Resolutions, we’ve tended to be lighter on execution than theory. So we thought we would change things this year. A little later than planned perhaps. 


Number 1 | Start a holiday fund


Bored of seeing everyone else’s smug photos? Start a holiday fund so you can travel more. is our go-to, fail-safe source of the ultimate places to visit.


Number 2 | Buy more jewellery


Jewellery makes everyone happier. Fact. So invest in some positive vibes to start the year as you mean to go on. Check out what’s new in from the workshop for some inspiration >


Saree Necklace

Number 3: Eat cleverly (and we didn’t say diet)


Its not all about dieting in January. Just make sure you get these 10 essentials onto your shopping list. Eat away my friends.


Number 4: Get into Foreign Language Films

Deutschland 83

We all watched them at school. But this if for pleasure now people. January is the only month where you can legitimately hibernate – so make sure you have something good to watch. Deutschland 83 care of Walter Presents is well worth digging into. If only for the inspired 80’s sound track.


Number 5: Learn to Meditate


It’s not just for the Karate Kid. Its the year of meditation so make sure you get some Headspace which is free to join and will have you calm, supple and sorted in no time at all.


Number 6: Read more


On the tube. In the bath. On holiday. Whenever. But make time to read those books you’ve always meant to. And get all old school about it and visit a bookshop – Daunt Books is our destination of choice. Warning: time can go unnaturally fast when browsing in this shop.


Number 7: Try out some new recipes


Lets face it, no-one wants your “famous curry” for the tenth time. Whether you get inspired by Nigel, Yotam, Jamie, Delia or Nigella – it’s time to expand that repetoire people. Or if not, get a Deliveroo. We won’t tell.


Number 8: Random acts of kindness


Whether its secret or showy, do something selfless that will make someone else’s day. And the more the better. Then feel smug when nobody’s looking and repeat resolution Number 2 again to congratulate yourself.


Number 9: Declutter everything


Clear desks are clear minds people. We say this every year but this time, we mean it. Declutter and you will feel completely liberated. Trust Gretchen Rubin – she knows and will help you start. But remember, if you are as perfect as Gretchen, you’ve got problems.


Number 10: Learn all the words from Footloose


Absolutely essential to your future happiness. Enough said.