The Best Christmas Gifts of 2021

Everyone's Christmas Wish List

Christmas is one of the most social – and wonderful – times of the year. With the holidays approaching, you’re probably already organising your festive plans and compiling gift ideas for your family and friends. If you’re at a loss of what to get for other people – or what to ask for for yourself! – we’ve put together a list on the best Christmas gifts of 2021 to help guide you through. Our jewellery gift guide includes great festive gifts for the season, classic pieces to be worn forever and ones to keep up with the trends. These pieces are sure to make it to the top of your wish list so let’s dive in!

Klosters Sterling Silver & Crystal Snowflake Earrings

The first pick on our list are the Klosters Sterling Silver & Crystal Snowflake Earrings. Nothing says Christmas like a snowflake and these studs truly capture the unique shape of falling snow. These earrings are far from simple and offer a stunning shine that’s perfect for the Christmas season. OTT colours and patterns are everywhere during Christmas. To compliment that wacky festive knit, toned down yet powerful studs add something extra to a look but allow the extravagant patterns of Christmas to take the spotlight. Silver is beautifully icy and ideal for the colder weather, and these earrings paired with a Winter coat, hat, and scarf add a hint of sparkle to your everyday wear. Earrings are always a great gift for jewellery lovers and these studs make the perfect stocking filler.

Knightsbridge Yellow Gold Vermeil Russian Wedding Ring Necklace

You can never go wrong with a classic necklace, like the Knightsbridge Yellow Gold Russian Wedding Ring Necklace. A beautiful everyday necklace, this piece offers a powerful warmth of gold. Hanging from a dainty simple chain is three intertwined rings which adds a fun sense of movement to the necklace. The yellow gold chain and rings are bright, colourful and symbolise friendship. This necklace can be given to yourself as an act of self-love or given to a close friend as an extremely meaningful gift.

Bali December Birthstone Turquoise Bracelet

The Bali December Birthstone Turquoise Bracelet can double up as a gift for those with December birthdays and those who really love the spirit of Christmas. Turquoise is the birthstone for December, making it the ideal gemstone and colour for Christmas. Turquoise is the stone of protection, luck, and power and gives a rich pop of colour to any outfit. The rich blue shade of turquoise doesn’t look out of place in the colder months but is a sweet reminder of the warmer summer season. This bracelet is the ideal everyday piece to be worn all year round but especially at Christmas and festive events.

Walton Three Colour Gold Russian Wedding Ring

The Walton Three Gold Russian Wedding Ring has an abundance of colour and the interlocked coloured gold rings each have their own meaning. The yellow gold represents friendship, rose gold is for love and white gold symbolises fidelity. Together, they represent eternal love and can be personalised with engraving on the inside. If you’ve been married for a long time, this ring is a beautiful and modern upgrade. While it says ‘wedding’ in the title, Christmas engagements are becoming increasingly popular, so look no further than this ring to pop the question. 

Montmartre Rose Gold Watch with Almond & Powder Blue Leather Strap

The Montmartre Rose Gold Watch is a classic and striking piece to add to yours or someone else’s collection. Symbolic of the passing of time, a watch is a truly meaningful gift and one to give to someone that’s really important to you, like your other half or a close family member. This watch is made of the best soft two-tone Italian leather with French styling that’s hand sewn. The adjustable strap is made up of a subtle yet powerful combination of powder blue and almond colours, creating something chic and luxurious for everyday wear. A fun gift idea is to get matching watches for yourself and someone you love, so take a look through our watch collection to find something perfect for the both of you.

Langton Sterling Silver Diamond Locket

The Langton Sterling Silver Diamond Locket is a great combination of sparkling diamonds and sterling silver. Lockets are wonderfully meaningful necklaces, with their secret openings that hold pictures, trinkets, and messages. A locket is a great gift for Christmas if you’re looking for a personal gift to give to your mum or a loved one. This locket features a small star with a diamond centre. Stars are as festive as they are traditional, so whether you’re paying homage to the Star of Bethlehem or the star atop the Christmas tree, stars are the perfect symbol for the season.

The Northcote Sterling Silver Fingerprint Cufflinks

A special and unique gift for new parents are the Northcote Sterling Silver Fingerprint Cufflinks. If its your first Christmas with your little one, these personalised cufflinks are extremely special and a loving memento of your first year with your newborn. Simply take a print of your child’s fingerprint and the Auree team hand trace it and engrave it onto the cufflinks. This allows the print to be seen in all its glory and shows off every unique line, curve, and pattern of your baby’s fingerprint. These cufflinks are a sweet gift to be cherished forever, so if you have any new mothers or fathers in your life, organising and buying them this gift is a great way to show them how much they mean to you and to congratulate the birth of their child.

Kerala Prehnite, Smokey Quartz & Gold Vermeil Earrings

Earrings are always a wonderful gift idea and the Kerala Prehnite, Smokey Quartz & Gold Vermeil Earrings are a stylish pair that anyone would love to unwrap on Christmas morning. Inspired by the region of Kerala, these statement earrings feature cushion cut pale green prehnite and deep mysterious smokey quartz. A colour that’s been regularly popping up in many Autumn 2021 exhibitions and collections is ‘Adobe’ – an earthy reddish-brown colour, similar to the warm rich hues of smokey quartz. This gemstone has the ideal signature colour of Autumn/Winter 2021. Smokey quartz is also known for bring positivity to its wearer, so it’s a great gift to give to someone who needs some positive feelings and vibes in their life.

Sydney Engraved Solid Gold Oval Signet Ring

Rings are very important gifts which is why they’re only typically bought on birthdays, anniversaries, or big occasions. A meaningful present for anyone in your family is a signet ring, like the Sydney Engraved Solid Gold Oval Signet Ring. Available in yellow, white, or rose gold, this ring can be engraved with your family’s unique crest or initials. This ring makes a lovely Christmas gift for your mum, dad or grandparents and is a great link to your heritage.

Westminster Gold Vermeil Spiga Mask Chain

Finally, we’ve got the Westminster Gold Vermeil Spiga Mask Chain. Whether you’re mask free or still wearing them, the past year has proven that it’s always handy to carry a mask with you. If you’re prone to losing your mask, get a chain! Chains are pretty, practical, and trendy. Using a chain to hold your mask or glasses on your face is a great way to inject some glamour into your everyday wear – especially if you’re wearing a mask all day at work. This gold or silver chain is also a great gift especially if you’re looking for a stylish stocking filler for friends or family.

Looking for Christmas gifts? Look no further than Auree Jewellery. Whether you’re looking for gifts for you mum, dad, sister, best friend or lover, there are an abundance of luxurious and glamorous gifts that’s suited to anyone and any budget.