5 Top Necklace Trends for 2022

Inspired by the Spring/Summer 2022 fashion shows, we’re expecting big and bold jewellery trends to dominate this year. As one of the most popular pieces of jewellery ever, necklaces are expected to be the centre of attention in many designer collections and our own jewellery boxes. From decadent layers to maximalist logos, here are the top 5 necklace trends for women that we’re loving right now and we’re sure to see a lot of this year.

Layering Necklaces 

Layering combinations

Layering is the number one trend of the 21st century so far. Everyone loves layering necklaces and it’s the main trend that’s been sweeping the runways and worn throughout the seasons. The beauty of layering is that there’s no right or wrong way to do it so you can really mix up the jewellery you currently have to create unique styles and looks for every outfit. To start your own layering combination, you first need to pick your favourite lengths. Using the rule of three is always a good way to figure this out, so go for a short choker, a slightly longer pendant necklace and an even longer lariat chain. You can then customise these necklaces into your own style by picking your favourite gemstones, symbols, colours, chain size and more. You can layer any of the following necklace trends to create a super trio of designs and styles.


Colourful beads

Colourful beaded necklaces became huge during summer 2021 and we still love them today. This quirky trend combines the homemade jewellery of our childhood with a more high-end avant garde style. This necklace trend is very 90s and kitschy and a great way to make your necklace unique to you. Jewellery lovers can pick multi-coloured pop art inspired necklaces that have already been made by a designer or you can customise your own pieces with letter beads to spell out your name, favourite colours and fun shapes like faces, animals, and flowers.


Logomania & text

Texts and logos are increasingly popular, whether it’s your name splashed across a pendant or over-the-top designer logos. Gucci, Moschino, and Chanel are huge advocates and fans of logo necklaces, so this is a fun trend to try which is luxurious and shows off your love of labels. Depending on the designer you choose, you can find something subtle like the Chanel CC necklace or colourful extravagance, like the Moschino logo lettering chain. If you’re more of a casual logo or text jewellery wearer, you can create your own logo like your name or star sign. The ‘Carrie’ necklace that we all know and love from Sex and the City always seems to be in the spotlight. It’s a great throwback necklace trend and makes amazing birthday or Christmas gifts.


Chunky chains

The bigger the chain, the bigger the statement! Chains are always popular choices, especially in layering combinations. This necklace trend lets the chain design and material be the star of the show, something that’s intricate but also subtle at the same time. Whether it’s silver or gold, super chunky and over the top is the best way to show off chains. With the many different chain types to choose from, bigger links that have some texture really lets the chain shine and allows it to stand on its own rather than being back-up to a pendant or charm.


Pearls, Pearls, Pearls

Never really one to go out of fashion, Pearls do however, definitely go through phases of being in or out of favour with the fashion elite. For 2022, Pearls are having a true renaissance. The perfect partner for any outfit, to layer or match with earrings, Pearl necklaces are being given a modern refresh and should be your new go-to everyday piece. 


To start creating your own versions of these popular necklace trends, check out Auree Jewellery’s necklace and pendant collections to get started.