From their magical properties to ways of looking after them.. we hope you will find this a helpful guide to finding the perfect gemstone for you or a friend.  



Typically found in a gorgeous regal purple, Amethyst was first discovered in Brazil and is one of the oldest known gemstones.  The Ancient Greeks believed it would protect the wearer from becoming drunk, which is why we suggest this party stone is always worn when sipping cocktails.  We’ll have a Caipirinha please.



A vibrant blue stone, Aquamarine translates as ‘Water of the Sea’.  In ancient Greece, sailors wore Aquamarine when travelling believing it would keep them safe - an interesting alternative to the life jacket today. Found in sunny Brazil, an Aquamarine gemstone was once found weighing 243 pounds - that’s the equivalent of over 750 apples!



A lustrous blue and white colour, Moonstone looks as if it has been pulled straight from the sky.  This gemstone has mysterious and highly prophetic qualities.  In ancient times it was believed to predict the owner’s future if placed in their mouth during a full moon. Said to promote both calm and peace, we have vowed never to take ours off.



Chalcedony comes in a range of soothing yet glorious colours: pinks, blues, aquas and greens.  Chalcedony is nicknamed the ‘speakers stone,’ as it is said to enhance the ability to respond intelligently and skillfully.  Dating back to 1800BC, household utensils were actually once made out of chalcedony and today, this stone is believed to still bring a sense of calm and stillness to the home.  Also supposed to promote friendliness, kindness and balance of the body and mind.   This is a multi-tasking stone for the eternal busy bees.



The rarest and most joyous gemstone from the chalcedony family.  The Greek translation means ‘gold’ and ‘leek,’ referring to the wonderful leek green colouring of the stone.  Traditionally it has always symbolized happiness, enterprise and to encourage common sense.  In the 18th century, thieves actually believed that by placing this stone in their mouth would make them invisible.  We can’t guarantee that but it was the favourite stone of Queen Anne and that’s good enough for us.



Diamond imitation but who can tell really? This spiritual stone aids sleeping, self-confidence and increases physical strength & victory.  It was first made in Russia and is said to protect individuals when worn after dark.  A fraction of the cost of diamonds, this is something to wear with confidence – it’s obviously a diamond (unless you tell someone otherwise).



Myth has it that an Inuit warrior found the Northern Lights caught in some rocks along the shore. Upon releasing the light, the gems of Labradorite were left behind.  This mesmerizing stone has a complex colour formation of black and brown with iridescent blue and green – very similar to the striking peacock feather.  It has many beneficial properties and is believed to aide peaceful sleep and bring harmony to your life.  A calm and serene gem, it also encourages wisdom and wards off negative energy - the dream stone for any insomniac or workaholic.



Keep calm and carry Onyx, this alluring gemstone is said to quell a chaotic life and improve concentration levels. Typically found in rusty reds or lustrous blacks, this gemstone found its origins from Venus, the goddess of Love.  The tale goes that as she slept, Cupid cut her fingernails and transformed them into translucent Onyx.  Just make sure you’ve had a manicure before you wear this.



Prehnite is a milky stone found in a range of beautiful greens.  Understood to hold the qualities of Love, Power, Healing and Protection, this is ideal for those busy bees who never stop.  Also rumoured to improve one's metabolism and immune system, this gem is ideal for those who eternally burn the candle at both ends.  In ancient times it was alleged that if one fell asleep near a Prehnite stone, it would enable you to recall your dreams when awoken.  How useful.



Usually found in large formations, this delightful stone is notoriously a symbol of love and beauty.  Not only does it boast the ability to raise self-esteem and self-worth, it also balances emotions and brings with it peace and calm.  Ideal.  The Egyptians were adamant that this stone prevented aging - and all we’re saying is this is infinitely more joyful than expensive face creams or botox.


SMOKEY QUARTZ            

Also known as Dr Quartz, this is meant to relieve pains on the body if the stone is placed directly on the relevant area.   Not only healing, it also cleanses and clears negative energy whilst increasing practical thinking and an ability to complete tasks.   An essential addition for everyday life, it comes in black, brown or grey and is transparent in colour.  An easy stone to match to any outfit, this is something to wear to an important meeting as it brings good luck in business too.



Top up your tan with Topaz because legend has it that this gemstone received its colouring from the Egyptian sun god Ra. With Topaz one really is spoilt for choice as it takes form in a wide range of hues including greens, reds, yellows and blues. Historically believed to protect during times of danger, Topaz will leave you feeling invincible – and tanned.  Awesome.



The word Tourmaline means ‘mixed’ in Sri Lankan due to the array of colours it takes form in.  Watermelon, green, purple, orange, pink or even blue this gemstone presents a choice that is not for the indecisive.  Tourmaline was loved so much by the last Empress of China that she bought almost a ton (that’s would cost over £450 million today!) Associated with good health, Tourmaline is believed to detoxify and heal the body.  Calling all Gym bunnies, this one is for you.