Found all over the world, from Brazil to Myanmar and Madagascar, this is a fabulous mottled green gemstone. Known as the "stone of courage", it is believed to hold energy as powerful as the Amazon river after which it is named. Wear daily for an everyday confidence boost whilst powering up with good luck, harmony and balance - who doesn't need more of that?

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Typically found in a gorgeous regal purple, Amethyst was first discovered in Brazil and is one of the oldest known gemstones and the birthstone for February. It is widely believed to bring an essence of calm to life, as well as direction and focus with its “intellectual charge”. The Ancient Greeks thought it would protect the wearer from becoming drunk, which is why we suggest this party stone is best worn when sipping cocktails. We’ll have a Caipirinha please.

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Aqua Chalcedony

Hands down, one of the prettiest coloured gemstones there is, and we’re not biased. A member of the quartz family, Aqua Chalcedony is a wonderful milky blue-green colour, which looks beautiful when set in both silver and gold. Chalcedony deposits are found all over the world, but Aqua Chalcedony is most commonly found in Brazil. Promoting friendliness, kindness and balance of the body and mind, this is a multi-tasking calming stone for the eternal busy bees.

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Aqua Chalcedony Gemstone


Blue Chalcedony

Blue Chalcedony is a quartz stone made up of wonderfully rich blue hues with a cloudy transparency. Its unusual colouring makes it the perfect centrepiece for eye-catching jewellery. Chalcedony deposits are found all over the globe, but Blue Chalcedony is most commonly found in Namibia. It is nicknamed the ‘speakers stone’ as legend has it the great Roman orator Cicero, wore one around his neck. Packed full of healing properties, it helps calm feelings of self -doubt and encourages all things optimistic. Something we need more of in 2020.

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Blue Topaz

This sparkling blue gemstone was first discovered on the Island of Topazios (now called Zebirget) in the Red Sea. The legend goes that Blue Topaz received its colouring from the Egyptian sun god Ra. Historically believed to provide protection during times of danger, Blue Topaz will leave you feeling invincible – and tanned. A symbol of affection and love, promising to protect friendships and relationships. What more could you want.

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A vibrant blood orange gemstone, Carnelian can be found and extracted in India, but the love of this stone originates in Egypt. Ancient Egyptians are believed to have used Carnelian to gain extra energy and life and for this reason, the gemstone was used on King Tut’s burial mask. Lucky him. Carnelian is not only loved by Ancient Kings, today it is the birthstone for July and is associated with stimulating creativity, easing tension and stress, in addition to boosting energy.

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Beautifully green in colour, Chrysoprase is the rarest and most joyous gemstone from the chalcedony family. The Greek translation means ‘gold’ and ‘leek,’ referring to the wonderful leek green colouring of the stone. Chrysoprase can be found all over the world but most commonly in Indonesia. The birthstone for May, it has traditionally symbolised happiness, enterprise and common sense. In the 18th century, thieves believed that by placing this stone in their mouth it would make them invisible. We can’t guarantee that, but it was the favourite stone of Queen Anne and that’s good enough for us.

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Citrine is a beautiful transparent, golden yellow gemstone and a sparkly member of the quartz family. Named after the French word citron, the name says it all. The gemstone is commonly found in Russia, Brazil and many other places around the world. Not only does this neutral colour go with just about everything, it is widely believed to bring creativity and imagination when you most need it. They even say that it helps all your dreams come true. Now that is fabulous.

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Crystal (also known as Rock Crystal) is a beautiful clear and transparent stone, which catches the light from all angles. Lucky for us all, it can be found all over the globe, with the majority being extracted in California. Crystal has the power to embolden its wearer, giving you the extra confidence push you sometimes need. It is also believed to combat insomnia – try placing it under your pillow next time you’re counting sheep.

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Cubic Zirconia

Cubic Zirconia is best known for its uncanny diamond imitation but who can tell really? We know it is not strictly a gemstone, but we feel it deserved to be on the list. At a fraction of the cost, we won’t tell if you don’t…. It was first made in Russia and is said to protect individuals when worn after dark.  Not only is it more friendly to the wallet, Cubic Zirconia is believed to aid sleeping, self-confidence and increase physical strength. It comes in every colour you could ever dream of, making colourful rainbows wherever you go. 

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The name diamond derives from the Greek word adamas, meaning unconquerable and indestructible. Diamonds really are forever. Africa is home to some of the world's top diamond producing nations, with the largest two diamonds found in South Africa and Botswana. The ancient Greeks believed that diamonds were splinters of stars that had fallen to earth, and they weren’t far off. Astronomers have discovered a diamond star of 10 billion trillion trillion carats twinkling in the sky, nick named “Lucy” after the Beatles song, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. Colourless diamonds are the most common, but they occur naturally in a variety of colours, and are graded by the 4C’s (colour, cut, clarity and carat). Diamonds are believed to bring purity into your life, and love and clarity into relationships.

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Fuchsia Pink Chalcedony

Fuchsia Pink Chalcedony is such a wonderfully vibrant colour, which really stands out and gives you an instant mood boost. Chalcedony is believed to balance the body and mind making this gemstone the perfect alternative to a weekend away. As one of the members of the Chalcedony family, it is found all around the world. Many years ago, the Native Americans used Pink Chalcedony for spiritual ceremonies.

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Garnet is found in many locations, varieties and colours – red garnets are the most well known and the name originates from the medieval Latin granatus meaning ‘pomegranate’, as both are made up of beautiful red colourings. A stone of love and passion, Garnet is January’s birthstone and is most commonly known for it’s ability to conjure peace, prosperity and good health. It has been used since the Bronze Age and was particularly popular in Victorian jewellery.

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Green Amethyst

Sage green in colour and transparent in nature, Green Amethyst (also known as Prasiolite) belongs to the quartz family and is universally flattering. Green Amethyst is the stone of good fortune that is believed to bring prosperity and luck to those who wear it. Not only is it packed with powerful properties, the gemstone is also the perfect gift for a trusted, life-long friend to celebrate a 3rd anniversary, August birth or good luck talisman. Since the 1950’s almost all natural Green Amethyst has come from a small mine in Brazil.

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Myth has it that an Inuit warrior found the Northern Lights caught in some rocks along the shore. Upon releasing the light, the gems of Labradorite were left behind. This mesmerising stone has a complex colour formation of black and brown with iridescent blue and green – very similar to the striking peacock feather. First discovered in Canada, it is formed in both tropical and cooler climates. Labradorite has many beneficial properties and is believed to aide peaceful sleep and bring harmony to your life. A calm and serene gem, it also encourages wisdom and wards off negative energy - the dream stone for any insomniac or workaholic.

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Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a beautiful deep blue stone showered with flecks of gold, which is found across the globe in countries such as Afghanistan, Argentina and Italy. The name comes from the Latin word ‘lapis’ meaning ‘stone’ and the Persian word 'lazhward' meaning ‘blue’. Lapis Lazuli is believed to encourage wisdom, with the ability to calm the mind and the senses. Michelangelo used Lapis Lazuli in powder form to create bright blue hues in the Sistine Chapel frescoes - WHAT a claim to fame for this mighty little gem.

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London Topaz

London Topaz is the definition of alluring with its silky ink colouring and mysterious nature. Steely and brilliant, this gemstone catches eyes and will wilt the hearts of all admirers. Smart, sophisticated and beautifully cut, it’s the faultless party partner when you are pulling out all the stops. As one of the rarer and more expensive gemstones, London Topaz is a sought-after addition to any jewellery box. Although sometimes mistaken as a gemstone that can be located in the British capital of London, it is in fact found the other side of the Atlantic Ocean in Brazil. The richness in its colouring is believed to bring a sense of calm and is loved by people who struggle with high stress and mental pressure. They say if you want to get lots done, cover yourself in the gemstone for optimum productivity. We’ll have a bath full please! 

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June’s birthstone, Moonstone takes its name from its moon-like appearance, and a historical association with the moon goddess. Moonstone’s iridescent hue catches the light and shows colours of pink, grey, white, green and blue. The perfect neutral colour that goes with all complexions and matches any outfit. It is believed to represent balance and tenderness and has been credited with bringing lovers closer together. If you’re superstitious about the number 13, this gemstone is for you, helping to wash away the negative connotations associated with the number. It is commonly found in Sri Lanka, Myanmar and New Mexico amongst many other destinations.

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An all-time classic amongst the generations, as Jackie Kennedy once said, ‘Pearls are always appropriate’, and we couldn't agree more. Timeless and effortlessly elegant. Their allure and beauty has always been magnified by the difficulty of finding them - most pearls are made by oysters. A vital ingredient for every jewellery box, pearls are famous for enlightening the complexion. They are also rumoured by those in the know, to bring peace of mind whilst also strengthening the body and soul. And for the romantics out there, the ancient Greeks held the belief that pearls were tears of joy from Aphrodite, the goddess of love.

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Prehnite is a subtle but beautiful cloudy pale green gemstone which is an everyday favourite here at Auree HQ. This majestic stone is quite the explorer but is most commonly sourced in South Africa. Keep a look out for some if you are ever lucky enough to be climbing table mountain! Prehnite is widely believed to be the stone of unconditional love and peace. It is also suggested that this cloudy green gemstone helps with 'de-cluttering' - the ultimate sidekick for all those spring cleaners out there.

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Rose Quartz

Candyfloss pink in colour, and powerful by nature. Rose Quartz is the stone of the heart and a token of unconditional love, it is also associated with October birthdays and 5th wedding anniversaries. Well known within the realm of gemstone healing, Rose Quartz is most commonly known for its association with love, beauty and happiness. Not only does it boast the ability to raise self-esteem and self-worth, it also balances emotions and brings peace and calm. Ideal.  The Egyptians were adamant that this stone prevented aging - and all we’re saying is this is infinitely more joyful than expensive face creams or botox. What more could you want from a piece of jewellery? If you think Rose Quartz is missing in your life, get yourself on a plane to Madagascar and bring a spade (or let us save you the hassle).

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White Topaz

White Topaz is a transparent, clear white gemstone found in many corners of the globe including Brazil and Utah, it is quite the intrepid traveller. A true sparkler, often used as an affordable alternative to diamonds, after all the “Braganza Diamond” is actually suspected to be white topaz. Filled with special healing properties, White Topaz is regarded as the gemstone of truth, bringing mental clarity and strength to those who are most in need. The birthstone for April, White Topaz is believed to represent hope making this the perfect present for all optimists.

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Smokey Quartz

Also known as Dr Quartz, this rich coffee brown transparent gemstone is meant to relieve pains on the body if the stone is placed directly on the relevant area. Not only healing, it also cleanses and clears negative energy whilst increasing practical thinking and an ability to complete tasks. It’s the national gemstone of Scotland, where it is called “Cairngorm” after the Mountains, however Brazil is the source for most Smokey Quartz used in jewellery. An easy stone to match to any outfit, this is something to wear to an important meeting as it brings good luck in business too.

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Known for its vibrant blue green colouring and opaque composition, there really is no stone quite like Turquoise - after all its the only gemstone to have a colour named after it. The variations seen in the colour and veins of turquoise gemstones found across the world occur due to the different levels of copper and aluminium present - Tibetan Turquoise is a distinctive greenish colour where as the gemstones that are found in Persian and Egyptian mines are much bluer. Turquoise is said to be the talisman of kings, shamans and warriors. A stone of protection, luck and power, it is believed to bring strength to its bearer. So a good stone to have in a tight spot. Wear this to protect you through your daily battles!

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