Russian Wedding Ring Q&A

Here is our How to Guide on ordering one of our beautiful Russian Wedding Rings.

Should I order a 9ct or 18ct Russian Wedding Ring?

If you are planning to wear your Russian Wedding Ring next to another ring, e.g. a Signet Ring, Wedding Ring or Engagement Ring (which will look fabulous…) we would suggest that both rings are of the same carat. Why? Because 18ct is much softer than 9ct and therefore the 9ct may wear down the 18ct over time if they rub against each other.

Where are they made?

Our beautiful Russian Wedding Rings are handmade in England by our amazing family-run Italian workshop. Each one is handcrafted with great care and attention. They are a wonderfully heavy weight and of the most exceptional quality.

Russian Wedding Ring Bangle and Ring

I can't decide which colour and width to choose?

The ultimate medley – this ring traditionally features three bands of White, Rose and Yellow Gold. But the choice is yours – if you would prefer three Yellow Gold (or white or rose) rings our workshop can customise it for you.


different colour gold


You’ll want to choose a band width that will flatter your hand and finger size. Our Walton Russian Wedding Rings are available in 2mm, 3mm and 4mm. Our most popular is the 3mm.


different ring width sizes


The width of the 3mm or 4mm rings when they are being worn is something that we are often asked about. When the three rings overlap and they are on the finger, there is never more than 2 rings visible so the 3mm ring is approx 6mm wide and the 4mm ring is approx 8mm wide. 


russian wedding ring on finger



3mm russian wedding ring pictured on the finger



4mm russian wedding ring pictured on finger


What is the difference in appearance between 9ct and 18ct Gold?

There isn’t a huge amount of difference in appearance between 18ct and 9ct. The 18ct Yellow Gold has a higher content of pure gold and therefore has a richer yellow colour than 9ct Yellow Gold. 18ct White Gold is slightly darker in colour than 9ct White Gold.

Can I wear my Russian Wedding Ring everyday?

Absolutely! You will find it is the perfect accessory to your everyday life. But, if you choose to wear this swimming (which we do not advise..) be aware that your fingers can shrink in cold water so mind that it doesn’t slip off.

When is the best time of day to measure my finger?

We recommend measuring your finger in the middle of the day (your fingers are commonly swollen in the mornings and smaller in evenings…). Also don’t measure if you are particularly hot or cold as this will affect your finger size.


russian wedding ring shown on the pinky finger


Which finger should I wear my Russian Wedding Ring on?

Traditionally, people wear it on their little finger of their left hand and then move it across to their right hand once they get married (to be honest, it looks great on either). We are also now making a lot as a Wedding Ring for men and women to wear on their index finger. The 4mm Russian Wedding Ring is usually worn on the index or middle fingers as this can sometimes feel too wide for a little finger.

How long will it take to make the Russian Wedding Ring if I want a specific size and an engraving?

It takes approximately one week to make the ring and one week to get our wonderful workshops to engrave it for you. We can however be flexible and will always work to a specific deadline (forgotten birthdays / anniversaries…). We have been known to make the ring one in one day and have it engraved the following day – so it is always worth checking if you are seriously up against it!

We have three fonts to choose from, Auree, Script and Time Roman.


different types of engraving fonts


I have a signet ring, what size Russian Wedding Ring would look best along side it?

We would usually suggest ordering a 2mm Russian Wedding Ring so that both of your rings can fit perfectly on your little finger. However if you have long fingers, the 3mm Russian Wedding Ring can also look lovely against the signet ring.


model wearing russian wedding ring


How much do our Russian Wedding Rings weigh?

In general, our Russian Wedding Rings are always commended for having a “wonderful weight” to them. They are made of solid Gold. Depending on the width, carat and size, the weight will always vary but the below approximate weights will give you an idea.

  •  2mm (9ct gold) – 4.5g
  •  3mm (9ct gold) – 6g
  •  4mm (9ct gold) – 7.5g
  •  2mm (18ct gold) – 6.25g
  •  3mm (18ct gold) – 8.3g
  •  4mm (18ct gold) – 10.5g

How tight should my Russian Wedding Ring be?

We recommend that it should be snug and well fitted (but not tight enough to turn your finger blue…). If you have larger knuckles, you should choose a size that you need to push quite firmly over the knuckle. Or if you have straight fingers, ensure it is snug over the knuckle and finger to avoid it rolling off – but again, not too tight that it cuts off circulation!

When ordering my Russian Wedding Ring, should I order my exact ring size or a size up?

It is important that your order your exact finger size. Some other jewellers will say differently but our workshop make the rings to fit the finger size ordered. Therefore there is no need to order a size up as the workshop will make the size adjustments when making it.

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different types of russian wedding rings