Auree Admires | Jo Bucknall @theeditbutton

Meet the wonderful Jo Bucknall, the personal stylist and content creator behind @theeditbutton. From go-to holiday destinations to her Auree wishlist, here is everything we chatted to Jo about. 

What would a typical day be for you?

A typical day would start around 6.30am and I tend to do some work before the house gets up, so answer emails, respond to messages, and sourcing outfits for clients. Then I take my children to school/nursery and try to do some sort of exercise whether it be pilates class at Lifebody, or resistance training at F45 or a long walk. I usually work in the mornings, whether it be client meetings, styling or attending new launches. I try to be back in time to pick up my daughter from nursery and lunch with her. In the afternoon if I don’t have work commitments I pick up my son and take him to after school clubs. In the evenings I’m either chilling at home with my husband or out to dinner/drinks with friends.


What are you most proud of?

Being able to multi-task. Life can feel like a juggling act a lot of the time and I definitely drop balls time to time but sometimes I look back and think wow I can’t believe I managed to do all that in a day. Us women are good at that!

What are your favourite parts of being a stylist?

Definitely empowering women in how they feel about themselves. I get wonderful feedback from clients telling me that they have regained their confidence, their sense of style and self-assurance and that makes me happy


What do your followers ask for the most help with to style?

I get asked a lot about jeans, what style to go for, what shoes to wear with each style and what suits particular bodyshapes.


What’s been your most popular post to date, and do you know why?

I filmed a reel styling one simple black dress from Free People in different ways for different occasions. I think this proves that people want to be inspired more on how to dress and style certain items that they may already have, rather than keep buying new pieces all the time. Being more sustainable and conscious of what we buy and how we style items to get maximum wear out of it is really important and key to building a wardrobe from staple pieces.

Your favourite weekend retreat would be....

Probably Lisbon for a night with a couple of nights in Comporta- I did that last year with a girlfriend and loved it.


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Everything’s a phase. Someone said it to me when I first had a baby but I still apply it now to life. If things are tough, try to see it as a phase that will end or get better.

What would you say to your 16-year old self?

Put the Sun-in hair dye down

What Auree piece would be on your Birthday list?

I love the chunky zirconia hoops from our collection, they are such a statement piece and a forever pair for any jewellery box

Chunky Cubic Zirconia Hoops
Image Credit: cntraveller. @theeditbutton