five year GUARANTEE

Our promise to you, Jewellery Made to Last.

We want you to wear your jewellery every day. Our pieces should be the perfect partner; built to deal with the daily grind and travel through life with you. We use premium materials chosen to be beautiful and resilient, to ensure they are made to last.

We have never been fast about fashion, Auree Jewellery is timeless and classic, and we take time and careful consideration to design, make and test every piece. Our founder Amelia carries out strict quality control checks on the fittings, comfort and quality. We try to replicate whatever you might be getting up to in our jewellery (even the sneaky things we tell you not to do, like swimming or sleeping in it) to ensure we know what our jewellery can stand up to.


We want you to enjoy your jewels for decades to come and hang our hat on our quality promise, which is why every piece of Auree Jewellery is guaranteed for five years from the date of purchase.

If our design lets you down, the gold vermeil plating needs a little pick-me-up or something completely unexpected happens to your jewellery we will fix or replace it completely free of charge. Even if your jewellery was bought as a gift, or purchased from one of our lovely stockists. We’ve got you covered, no questions asked, and that’s our promise to you.

Phew! That’s reassuring. Time to start shopping.

Activate your Five Year Guarantee

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If you have questions about anything, or you are at all unsure when your Five Year Guarantee expires we would love to put your mind at ease. Just pop an email to the Auree Team.

Just a note: Your Five Year Guarantee is invalid if you choose to get your Auree jewellery repaired or altered by an another jeweller or workshop. We also cannot guarantee against lost or stolen items, it is always best to take out independant insurance for any high value jewellery items.

If your jewellery falls outside the Five Year Guarantee or you’ve lost your favourite earring (absolute nightmare when this happens). Check out Auree Services page to find out how we can help.

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