After working in the jewellery industry for 10 years, Amelia Bainbridge saw a gap in the market for jewellery that was both beautiful and affordable – and thus Auree was born in 2014. What began as a small start-up around a kitchen table in South West London has quickly turned into a successful jewellery company. 

Amelia Bainbridge

Our jewellery is not for keeping hidden away in a safe but to wear, enjoy and love. The name Auree was one of my grandmother’s middle names and also means ‘golden one’ in Italian".

Auree is inspired by Amelia's grandmothers - one, a vivacious and daring traveller, the other a phenomenal multi-tasker. Both took on life with a contagious enthusiasm and energy.

The classic pieces are designed to travel through life with you and are loved by generations.



Travel, places and people’s stories of adventure are a constant source of inspiration. Auree is a way of living, not just a look, so we have a diverse range of workshops to cater for different styles and tastes.

Auree Inspiration

“Our jewellery is inspired by our travels and made for us by small workshops all over the world. It will keep you company on a lazy Sunday afternoon at home, or on the beach far away".

We want you to wear your jewellery every day and our pieces are the perfect partner, built to deal with the daily grind. We use premium materials chosen to be beautiful and resilient. Our quality is guaranteed.




As a growing company, we are working really hard to make sure our products and processes are as sustainable as possible.

our journey with Auree

“When I first started on our journey with Auree, I wanted to make sure we built a company with a beating heart".

That beating heart is in the brilliant team who work at Auree, our amazing network of workshops and craftsmen and the relationship we have with you – the women who wear our jewellery.

It’s also about helping support causes we all deeply care about, and in October 2016 we were excited to launch our first charity collaboration with The London Chatter, which raised over £30,000. In Septermber 2020, we are proud to have launched our second charitable initiative with 100% of profits from our Rowfant Rainbow hoops being donated to Baby Bank Little Village where Amelia volunteers.