Best Jewellery for Teenage Girls

Teenagers can be difficult to buy for, especially as they grow older and start to discover different tastes, styles, and hobbies. As your daughter goes through her teenage years, it’s more than likely that she’ll start to get into jewellery which gives you a great opportunity to help her find her style. However, what she’ll love at 13, she won’t necessarily love at 19. Colours, fun shapes, and materials are most popular with younger teens and as they get older, they can start to enjoy jewellery more and you can get them more milestone and luxurious pieces. To help you find the best type of jewellery that your teenage daughter will love, we’ve compiled some of our favourite pieces that are perfect for the ages 13 all the way up to 19.

 star earrings

13th birthday: Soho Mini Star Stud Earrings

13 is the first year of being a teenager and one of the most difficult ages to buy for. As it’s the closest age to still being a child, you can still get away with fun and ‘childish’ designs rather than ‘grown-up’ jewels. The Soho Mini Star Stud Earrings are a classic pair of every day studs which shows off the shape of the star and glints beautifully in the light. Available in both silver and gold, these earrings are a perfect way to introduce her to jewellery colours and metals. While more kids are getting their ears pierced at younger ages, 13 is still a typical age to get your ears pierced so if she’s new to piercings, these are a great pair to introduce her to the joy of earrings.

14th birthday: Audley Sterling Silver Alphabet Pendant Necklace

For 14, we picked the Audley Sterling Silver Alphabet Pendant Necklace. Name and letter necklaces are extremely popular with the likes of Carrie Bradshaw and Chloe Burrows wearing them in our favourite TV shows. While she might be a bit young for watching Sex and the City and Love Island, a necklace with her initial hanging from it is a beautiful gift and shows off her individuality.

silver and rose gold bracelet

15th birthday: Kelso Sterling Silver & Rose Gold Bracelet

Now that she’s 15, she’s probably starting to find her feet with jewellery and finding the style and type of pieces that she likes the best. Once she starts getting into jewellery, she’ll start to gravitate towards certain colours and materials. The age old question of silver or gold is always floating around but if she’s still making up her mind or likes a bit of a mix, the Kelso Sterling Silver & Rose Gold Bracelet is a fun combination of silver and rose gold. Rose gold is particularly popular with younger jewellery lovers due to its pink tones. Two different sizes hoops are interlocked with one another which creates an infinity-inspired symbol. This is the perfect way to show her how much you love her… without being too cringe!

16th birthday: Barcelona Birthstone Necklace

Her 16th birthday is the first big milestone age, so it deserves a jewellery piece that is special and something that she’ll cherish forever. The best way to capture the occasion is with a birthstone and the Barcelona Birthstone Necklace is a simple yet powerful piece that’s both colourful and sparkly. By gifting her her birthstone, it’s a truly meaningful gift and a nice nod to the day she was born.

17th birthday: Chennai Multi Gemstone & Gold Vermeil Bracelet

17 is in the middle of two big milestone birthdays but that doesn’t make it any less important. Following the beautiful and powerful birthstone gift for her 16th, go for even more colours with the Chennai Multi Gemstone & Gold Vermeil Bracelet. This bracelet features five vibrant gemstones, including amethyst, topaz, and peridot, and is super sparkly and luxurious.

18th birthday: Clarendon Sterling Silver Seven Strand Ring

Rings are easily the most meaningful pieces of jewellery out there so to mark the special occasion of turning 18, it’s a good idea to go for a ring. The Clarendon Sterling Silver Seven Strand Ring is a piece of traditional elegance and composed of seven individual sterling silver bands. Historically, it’s a symbol of eternal love which perfectly encapsulates the feelings between a parent and their child.

19th birthday: Rowfant Rainbow Charity Hoop Earrings

18 is such a big milestone birthday that the 19th birthday can often be overlooked. However, 19 is her last year of being a teenager so she needs a big gift to mark the end of her teenage years. The Rowfant Rainbow Charity Hoop Earrings are a beautiful and uplifting pair of hoops that boasts all the colours of the rainbow. It’s the perfect way to send off her teen years and to properly go with a colourful bang!


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