April Birthstone Guide

Whether you’re an Aries or a Taurus, you really have hit the jackpot if you’re born in April. Besides bringing the sunshine and the start of Spring, you have a choice of two birthstones, White Topaz and Crystal. You lucky thing. 

White Topaz | The Braganza Diamond

Found in many corners of the globe including Brazil and Utah, White Topaz is quite the intrepid traveller. Dripping in historical facts, White Topaz (also known as pure topaz) is fabulously fitting for the purity that comes with new life in springtime.  

White Topaz symbolises love, hope and happiness. If that wasn’t quite enough, it’s also regarded as the gemstone of truth, believed to help with mental clarity and strength. Just what we need at the moment.


White Topaz | The Braganza Diamond


Rock Crystal | Your Crystal Ball

Crystal will catch the light as only magical things can – it is also a stone believed to enhance peaceful sleep and increase energy. So if you’re feeling like a boost, or know someone who could do with one, this gemstone is for you.

Crystal has the power to embolden its wearer, giving you the extra confidence push you sometimes need. As well as treating insomnia, there are also rumours that drinking from a crystal cup will protect from toothache, but we haven’t tried this yet…

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Rock Crystal | Your Crystal Ball