Best Jewellery to Gift for 21st Birthday Presents

Traditionally at 21 you were given the "key to the door' signifying you have officially reached adulthood and the independence that brought with it. Although now in the UK the legal age of adulthood has changed to 18, celebrating turning 21 is still marked as an important milestone, and the perfect time to choose a special and meaningful gift to mark the occasion. Jewellery makes a beautiful birthday present and is something that they’ll have forever to remind them of their milestone birthday. Below are our top five jewellery picks that are perfect for a 21st birthday present.

Hampton Sapphire Earrings

One of the ‘big four’ gemstones: Hampton Sapphire & Gold Interchangeable Earrings

A great place to start with a 21st birthday gift is by picking a gemstone from the ‘big four’. The ‘big four’ are the four main precious gemstones: diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires. They’re the most popular gemstones and are mostly given as big milestone events like anniversaries and the centrepiece of engagement rings. As a 21st birthday present, a piece of jewellery that features one of the big four gemstones is thoughtful and a true investment that they’ll keep forever. The Hampton Interchangeable Gemstone Earrings are available in sapphire, emerald and rubies and dangle beautifully from a gold vermeil hoop. These gemstones are also full of meaning and symbolism. Sapphires represent wisdom, emeralds are a symbol of love and truth, and rubies are believed to bring fortune and protection to their wearers. 

Auree Watch

Reminder of time: Montmartre Watch with Royal Blue & Hot Pink Leather Strap

Watches are statement pieces that are both stylish and serve a purpose. The passing of time like celebrating a birthday is important to mark and what better way to celebrate a new age than with a watch? The Montmartre Watch comes in sterling silver, yellow gold and rose gold and with multiple different coloured leather straps. This watch is a beautiful combination of Japanese engineering and French styled Italian handsewn two tone soft leather. Chic and luxurious, it’s a wonderful everyday watch that can also be engraved on the back so you can leave them a sweet message for their birthday.

locket necklace

Meaningful keepsakes: Limerston Sterling Silver Locket Necklace

Locket necklaces have been around for centuries and were originally used to carry medicine and perfume. Lockets evolved into mementos where miniature portraits, drawings and sometimes locks of hair were kept inside before the modern move to photography. Today lockets are still popular and a loving way to keep pictures and notes inside. The Limerston Sterling Silver Locket is a dainty necklace that can be engraved on the front with a name or initial. This is a lovely way to add some personalisation into a gift and is a sweet present to give to a girlfriend or daughter. Make sure to print out a mini photo to pop inside the locket before you wrap up the present to give to her on the day.

signet ring

A nod to your family: Sydney Engraved Solid Gold Oval Signet Ring

When people turn 21, it normally signifies that they’re heading into the world on their own following leaving university. As they’re off into the big bad world, marriage could also be on the horizon, and this often means a change in name. If your daughter or granddaughter is turning 21, a signet ring with a family crest or initials on is a lovely way to personalise a gift and champion the family name and legacy. The Sydney Engraved Solid Gold Oval Signet Ring is slightly on the pricier side but is something that they will always cherish and something that will remind them of their family even if they change their last name.

gemstone bracelet

Something fun & colourful: Chennai Multi Gemstone Bracelet

Finally, a birthday present doesn’t always have to be full of meaning but can just be because it looks pretty! Gemstones are super vibrant and powerful and is a fun way to add a burst of colour into any outfit. The Chennai Multi Gemstone Bracelet is inspired by the Indian city and features rose cut round purple and green amethyst, blue and lemon topaz, and peridot gemstones. It’s a sweet and delicate bracelet that stands out and catches the eye.

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