Championing Female Founders

There’s a quote you may have seen which says “When you buy from a small business, an actual person does a little happy dance.” And every time we see it, it brings a smile because it’s SO true. Small businesses really appreciate every customer and every order. Many of these small businesses have been launched by enterprising women and so on International Women’s Day we thought we’d share our top ten with female founders at the helm.

Anna Wright | Anna Wright


We’re big fans of Anna’s wonderful quirkiness and imagination in her portrayal of animals. Her characterful designs, across a range of art prints, homeware and accessories, are created from a combination of ink, paints and fabric. We particuarly love her mugs and the wee surprise at the bottom when you finish your cup of tea.

Anna Wright

Elizabeth Petrides | Elizabeth Scarlett


We first came across Elizabeth Scarlett when she also partnered with The London Chatter for a charity collection. She adds a chic injection of colour to pouches, bags, and bedding, with embroidered palms & pineapples. You know we love to travel, and her pouches are always top of the packing list – they are great for storing your Auree Jewellery too!

Elizabeth Scarlett

Camilla Robertson | Camilla Rose


You can always spot the Camilla Rose headpiece at a wedding, it’s the most admired, and a quick win for being inundated with compliments on your outfit. Camilla is renowned for crafting beautiful architectural structures with textured materials – they are usually very simple and made in only one or two colours but the shapes and forms she creates are her trademark style. People often say ‘hats don’t suit me’, that’s not true, they just haven’t met Camilla yet!


Sarah Auerbach & Devina Dicarlo | Aurora London


We know how much you like our personalised pendants – just like we know you’ll like their leather handbags monogrammed with your initials. A brand after our own heart, Sarah and Devina are mums as well as businesswoman, and have built the brand from the ground up. Mrs Auree is never without her Gigi bag in black.


Rosie Van Cutsem & Lucia Ruck Keene | TROY London


Versatile to city and country alike, TROY’s parkas, coats and jackets are loved by stylish women all over the world (including their newest converts, the Auree team). Founded by sisters Rosie and Lucia, who were brought up in Oxfordshire in a house named Troy. Like the Auree designs, their pieces are equally at home with jeans and a cosy knit, or thrown over a smarter outfit for dinner.

Troy London

Henrietta Rix & Orlagh McCloskey | Rixo

bio-image rixo

Palms, sunsets, tropical flowers, vibrant prints are the calling card of RIXO a British brand founded by best friends and business partners Henrietta & Orlagh. We’re obsessed with their beautiful silk skirts.


Claire Burrows | Air & Grace


Great shoes make us feel amazing but nothing is more miserable than a day in bad shoes. Don’t worry Claire has changed that with her range of shoes that feel as good as they look. We’ve found our perfect sole mates. Stars or Leopord print, which to choose?


Alice Wingfield Digby | Wingfield Digby


Everyone loves feathers, there’s something so majestic about them. Alice’s eye catching pieces, from photo frames to heat resistant placemats, are all as unique as the feathers she uses to create them. Our Christmas wishlist is sorted.

Wingfield Digby

Marielle Wyse | Wyse London


If Auree had a uniform it would be a Wyse cashmere jumper – they are our everyday wardrobe staple, obviously accessorised with the latest Auree additions. We love their detail, be it a lurex thread, sequins, metallic leather or a pop of colour! Their jumpers make people take a second look and ask where they are from.


Amelia Bainbridge | Auree Jewellery


And last but not least…it wouldn’t be right to not mention Auree and our wonderful Founder Amelia Bainbridge. Built on the belief inspiring, independent women like you should have jewellery that lives alongside them. Our jewellery is not for keeping hidden away in a safe but to wear, enjoy and love.