February Birthstone Guide

February Amethyst Birthstone Guide

If you were born in February, here is a little insight into how fabulous your birthstone is.

Desperate to learn a little more about your birthstone? Look no further. 

Typically found in a gorgeous regal purple, Amethyst was first discovered in Brazil and is one of the oldest known gemstones. The Ancient Greeks believed it would protect the wearer from becoming drunk, which is why we suggest this party stone is always worn when sipping cocktails. We’ll have a Caipirinha please.

February Birthstone


Amethyst by Auree | The Bali Birthstone Pendant (coupled with our Westbourne Necklace)

The perfect February birthstone necklace. Amethyst is one of Auree HQ’s favourite stones because of it’s wonderfully rich purple colouring and healing properties, including both stress relief and peace to all. Feeling like you need a little bit of that in your life? Our Bali Birthstone Pendant may do just the trick. We promise.


Bali Birthstone Pendant

Amethyst by Auree | Salina Amethyst Earrings

Lucky for all you Aquarius and Pisces’ people, the Amethyst birthstone holds enough healing properties to sink a ship. Not only does the gemstone bring an essence of calm to life, Amethyst is believed to be intellectually charged, providing much needed help with clarity and direction. Well, we think so anyway.

Salina Amethyst Earrings

Amethyst by Auree | The Brooklyn Amethyst Bracelet

The most simple yet really rather effective, February birthstone bracelet. Just incase you didn’t yet think Amethyst had enough fabulous qualities, we’ve even heard the stone be referred to as the ‘’yogi’’ of the Gemstone World. And who doesn’t need a bit of guidance (albeit spiritual!) in their lives…

The Brooklyn Amethyst Bracelet