How to Layer Necklaces

Don't know where to start with your layering technique? We're here to help. Follow these top tips and you can't go wrong. 

layered gold necklaces on model


The key to layering your necklaces is to make sure that you vary the length of each chain. Start with your most simple chains at the top and jazz it up as you work your way down.

Auree Jewellery layering necklace set


The next way to keep your layering on point, is to make sure that you use different textures. For example, start with a smooth and slinky Snake Chain first, combine it with a delicate Hampton Emerald Necklace for a pop of colour and a Waterloo chain for a chunkier link or maybe a Rope chain for that twisted look.

Auree Jewellery Pearl and Gold Necklace Layering set

Gemstones and pearls

The final thing to think about when you're combining your necklaces are the gemstones or colours. Use as much or as little as you like, the world is your oyster! Layer up your beads and gemstones for a more bohemian, beachy look or go for a more understated look by just using gold vermeil or sterling silver pieces.

Layered Silver and Pearl Necklaces

Ready to go!

If you're still not 100% sure you've got the right pieces to put a look together or just want to be hassle free, why not try one of our pre-styled jewellery sets? 

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