How to look after Gold Vermeil Jewellery

While Gold Vermeil is very high quality, it can still tarnish easily so you need to make sure you’re looking after it properly. If your gold vermeil is starting to look a little dull or scratched, it’s time to give it some TLC. There are many different myths and methods about how best to look after your jewellery, so put down the toothpaste and keep reading for our top tips on how to look after gold vermeil jewellery, including the best way to clean your pieces.

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What is gold vermeil?

Auree Gold Vermeil is Sterling Silver coated in a thick layer of 18ct gold. Due to gold’s softness, it wears away easily so it needs to be bound to a base, so it’ll last longer and stay in a good condition. For more information on gold vermeil, including what it is, how it’s made and its characteristics, check out our what is gold vermeil guide. Gold vermeil is extremely durable and high quality, but it can fade, scratch and tarnish. To keep your jewellery shining bright and looking perfect, stick to these top cleaning and preserving tips below.


Properly store your gold vermeil

While we all love wearing our jewellery as much as we can, you need to give your gold vermeil pieces a break every now and again. Jewellery can collect layers of dirt, so you need to make sure you take it off regularly to avoid it wearing away or the dirt impacting your skin. When you remove your jewellery, it’s also important to store it properly as moisture and temperature can affect it. Start by putting it away in your jewellery box, a zip lock bag or in the pouch it came in when you bought it. Whichever storage solution you choose, make sure your jewellery is away from heat and doesn’t have any weight on it, so it doesn’t change colour or get distorted. These methods keep your gold vermeil safe and prevents it from scratches and tarnishes.

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Don’t let your gold vermeil get wet!

As we said previously, moisture can have an affect on jewellery, especially gold vermeil. If gold vermeil gets wet, it can become duller, discoloured, and start to wear away. To avoid your gold vermeil jewellery getting wet, make sure to take it off when you shower, exercise, or go swimming. You should also avoid putting on moisturiser, perfume, and lotion onto your jewellery by applying these to the skin without your pieces on.


Buff your gold vermeil regularly

Before we get into how to properly clean gold vermeil jewellery, you can keep it alive by regularly giving it a once-over with a buffing cloth. For a quick and easy solution, give your gold vermeil pieces a quick shining session before putting them away to remove any marks or wear and tear from the day.


How to clean gold vermeil jewellery

The best way to clean gold vermeil jewellery is with dish soap, warm water, a soft toothbrush, and a cloth. Make a bowl of warm water and soap and pop in your gold vermeil jewellery to soak for no more than half an hour. After it’s been soaked, take them out and gently brush them with a toothbrush to remove any extra dirt. To finish off, rinse your gold vermeil with clean water and dry it with a lint-free cloth. We recommend avoiding rubbing alcohol and toothpaste because the harsh chemicals can remove the gold coating from the base metal, leaving you worse off than when you started!

Now you know how to look after your gold vermeil, it’s time to add to your jewellery box with pieces from the Auree Jewellery gold vermeil collection: