January Getaways

January is a month of mixed emotion. You’ve made it through the swathes of relatives. Christmas No.1’s have gone into hibernation again and you finally got that pair of shoes you’ve been waiting for (and our earrings of course).  But you’ve got some work to do to get that new pair of slinky trousers on to go with them. We have a simple prescription – dump the trousers for a bikini and aquire lots of Vitamin E with a January getaway. #Aureetravel #WhoDaresWins


Le Sport | Caribbean Body Beautiful


Le Sport BodyHoliday is a bit of an oxymoron. In our experience, an all-inclusive has never done much for the hips. But this is no ordinary resort on the island of St Lucia. With its own private beach a hop, skip and a mango smoothie from your room, you can pamper yourself with their spa (they throw in a treatment for all guests once a day), classes ranging from kick boxing on the beach (send him off there), to pilates, yoga, scuba diving and Hobi Cats – it has something for everyone. You won’t beat the view from your breakfast table, or indeed the fruit. Just don’t make our mistake of exploring the rum collection too vigorously early on in the week. If you do, you can always take advantage of the beach loungers and a rather handy flag: stick it in the sand to get the rather attractive lifeguard to pop over with a cooling iced towel for your poor, sun blushed brow. Heaven.


Cocoa Island, Maldives | Floating in Paradise


On the whole, we don’t recommend building houses on water. However in the Maldives, it’s different. Probably best booked when the bonus has been confirmed, 10 days on Cocoa Island should sort out winter blues. No mosquito’s, plenty of water and sun to soak up – and the food is divine. The general consensus, is that the only downside is having to leave. Close to Male airport – a speed boat ride away in fact, the rooms which are “moored” on stilts are a mixture of loft living and beach hut. After a hard day swimming with turtles and reef fish, you can been taken to paradise and back in the spa. And we haven’t started on the food yet…


Gajah Mina Beach Resort | Hermit Haven


Don’t judge a book by it’s cover – a motto we agree with, unless it comes to a Dan Brown novel. While they probably need a leg up with the website, this hotel is gloriously romantic and if he hadn’t been so busy scurrying across the levant, Byron would have been tucked up here we bet. It will suit anyone who wants to get away from it all, apart from 20 miles of secluded coast, surfing (if that’s your thing) or padding along the private beaches. A wonderful french host, bougainvillea and gardens to lose yourself in.


Con Dao Six Sense | Viet Sun


Oh this is tough. Really tough. It’s probably not a holiday you would tell your friends about as they may end up disliking you intently – jealousy is the green eyed monster after all. A private pool for each villa (perfect for those that don’t share) and a private beach hidden away – January’s are all about hidden beaches if you were wondering. The Six Senses Group know how to do things properly. But we warn you, that includes the billing.