July Birthstone Guide

If you were born in July, not only are you a sunshine baby, but you’re lucky enough to have Carnelian as your birthstone. 

Did You Know?

Carnelian has a beautiful bright orange red colour, which we LOVE, especially in the summer. This amazing colour symbolises bold energy, warmth and joy and it is sometimes known as the Sunset Stone.

This beautiful gemstone was first found in the Bengal region of India, but since has been found all over the world in South Africa, Madagascar, Brazil, Uruguay, and the United States.

This nickname came from Ancient Egypt, where Carnelian was not only a stone of fertility, but also stimulated passion and provided courage to its warriors and fighters. In the 18th century Napoleon Boneparte was known to have a carnelian seal on his watch chain to protect him.

Any budding wizards out there? Well, Carnelian is also thought to be used by magical folk who utilise the energy of this powerful stone to trigger other gemstones. I’m sure Hogwarts is chock-a-block full of Carnelian.

As well as the magical world, Carnelian is known to help those in the arts. It is known as ‘The Singer’s Stone’ because it promotes confidence in those performing on stage and helps your creative juices to flow.

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