Lombardi Collection Inspiration

Our Italian workshop in the hills of Arezzo might not be as speedy as their national super cars but but its oh so worth the wait. Inspired by our favourite lakes in Lombardy, we’ve hand picked beautiful gemstones and paired with Italian chain and brushed gold. These are classic, beautifully made pieces that can be worn day or night.


Lake Como

Our favourite of the Lombardy Lakes (don’t tell the others). George Clooney is a fan, Hemingway, Mark Twain and Casino Royale was filmed here (where else would James Bond go to recover). As Europe’s third largest lake, it is a rock star in its own right. We’ve used brushed 9ct Yellow Gold set with the brightest Blue Topaz – and London Topaz  (a delicious deep navy) to reflect Como’s depth, 425 meters at some points which gives the lake its rich blue colour.

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Iseo lake

If Como is the hollywood star, the Iseo is the quiet classy older sister. The fourth largest lake in Lombardy, this is a secret treasure of the region, frequented by Italians who hop on a train from Milan to enjoy its famous sparking wines, vineyards and medieval castles. We’ve used a soft gold nugget at the top with a cushion shaped gemstone set in brushed 9ct gold for these earrings. Again, a deep lake, we use navy blue London Topaz as well as a new favourite stone –  Rutilated Quartz which has a wonderful fleck of gold that runs through it. Wear with your jeans or a summer dress but get a pair whatever you do. And book yourself into the L’Albereta for a long weekend while you’re at it. 


Lake Maggiore

A long thin lake surrounded by mountains, Maggiore is one of the most picturesque of the lakes with its myriad of small privately owned islands, villas more fairly described as palaces and gardens that make the RHS look like a bunch of amateurs. The wine is rather good too. The irregular shaped Aquamarine and irregular shaped gold nuggets catch the sun and sparkle quite beautifully. Only the outrageously attractive can pull it off – which of course you can.



Lake Lugano residents take their flowers rather seriously, so where land meets water you have rivers of blossom and flowers. A glacial lake on the border of northern Italy and southern Switzerland you will experience rather extraordinary differences in architecture between the Swiss side and the Italian side. So in an effort to mix things up we’ve paired Amethyst gemstones, Labradorite to emulate the ever changing colour of the lake waters and a pretty moonstone which has shots of white and pink. We LOVE these pieces which add a splash of colour in a unusual setting. 


Lake Garda

Garda is the lake of fairy tales, with its castles and roman ruins. The largest of the lakes, it is Italy’s most classical and frequented by Europeans for centuries. So we wanted to put together something timeless for the grandmother of all lakes. The 9ct brushed gold nuggets are tactile and wearable with anything and you can layer or wear on their own. Simple yes, desirable – definitely.

Image credits: Italia.it; in-italia.com, visual-italy.it, eyeenjoyphotography.com, blog.sunmaster.co.uk