March Birthstone Guide

March Birthstone Guide | Blue Topaz

Are you born in March? Blue Topaz is one of our favourite gemstones. Lucky you. Here is everything you need to know about your birthstone, Blue Topaz.

Did you know?

In mythology, topaz is commonly regarded as a gemstone of healing and peace. This beautifully blue gemstone was first found by the Romans over two thousand years ago on the Island of Topazios in the Red Sea. They believed it could protect its wearer from enemies and bring reconciliation. Something we all need a bit of.

Blue Topaz by Auree | The Bali March Birthstone Necklace

Blue Topaz is a symbol of love and affection. It has been said to protect friendships whilst encouraging kindness and honesty. Just what we all need.


Blue Topaz by Auree | The Bali March Birthstone Bracelet

Top up your tan with Blue Topaz because legend has it that this gemstone received its colouring from the Egyptian sun god Ra. Historically believed to provide protection during times of danger, Blue Topaz will leave you feeling invincible – and tanned. What more could you want.


Blue Topaz by Auree | The Barcelona March Birthstone Necklace

Even if you aren’t lucky enough to have Blue Topaz as your birthstone, why not wear it anyway. Here at Auree HQ it’s an absolute favorite, especially when hanging from our ears or neck.