Meet Anna Mathur

#AureeAngel Anna (@mamas_scrapbook) believes in shopping SMALL this Christmas. Anna is an accredited and experienced BACP Psychotherapist who lives in Surrey with her two young boys. Anna loves tassels and pom-poms and dancing around the living room. And we nearly forgot…wearing bright lipstick at inappropiate times!


What will you be wrapping as a gift under the tree?

I’ll be wrapping up a Chora necklace for my Mum to match mine! We don’t get to see each other much, so I’d love to share the same necklace. I’ll also be wrapping up a coffee machine for my husband. Ours is a little overused!

Where will you be spending Christmas this year?

With the in-laws! No in-law jokes necessary here. Mine are fab!

Do you have any Christmas traditions?

We open stockings in the morning and then we attack the Christmas tree presents after all the lunch has been cleared (you’ve never seen such speedy washing up).

What’s on your Christmas wishlist?

I have a gold Kelso necklace firmly on my wishlist. It’s so simple and classic. I’ve also got my eye on a cosy down coat from Ralph Lauren to keep me toasty on all of the winter walks we love.

What’s your favourite party piece?

Always a statement ring! I’d wear them on every finger if I could. The Conillera Smoky Topaz and Gold ring is such an eye catcher and goes with everything. Add in a smart little black dress and I’m good to go!

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Favourite Christmas Film / Song?

Michael Buble ‘It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas’. It’s always a winner and get’s me into the festive mood in moments.

What’s the best/worst Christmas present you ever received?

The best present I received last year was the snuggliest White Company dressing gown that I wear daily (as early as I can socially get away with). The worst present I received was an out of date basket of dusty soaps that had obviously been re-gifted. Awkward.


Have you ever had a white Christmas?

Yes. I grew up in Herefordshire and have had a few. Snow often meant that we couldn’t get the car out of the valley and thus could miss school!

Is your Christmas tree real or fake?

Always real! The smell of the pine needles is just divine (as long as you ignore the amount of vacuuming necessary).

Are you planning any New Year’s resolutions?

I’m not planning any this year. I never seem to keep them. Oops.

What would be your dream place to visit for the Christmas holidays?

I’ve never done a sunny Christmas before! I’d love to experience Christmas on the beach!

On the beach or on the snow?

Always the beach holiday option for me! Sunshine makes my heart happy!

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What treats do you leave for Father Christmas?

Our kids will be leaving mince pies and port for Father Christmas. Which we will promptly eat once they’ve gone to bed!