Meet Freddie’s Flowers

This Valentine’s Day we’re excited to have teamed up with Freddie’s Flowers. We caught up with their Founder, Freddie Garland (no he didn’t change his name by deed poll), and his dog Claude, over a quick cup of tea to hear more about the business. Raised by florists, he has loved flowers since he was knee high to a peony.

How did you come up with the idea for Freddie’s Flowers?

My dad had a flower shop in London for 30 years, and my mum was one of the florists in the shop, so I grew up surrounded by flowers. I went onto work for Abel & Cole, the organic fruit and veg delivery service and I thought, I wonder if I can do this but with flowers. So I did!


What have been the biggest hiccups and highlights along the way?

My first purchase was a milkfloat for deliveries, that went at a top speed of 7mph and I only managed one delivery in it! I then bought two tents for a warehouse that blew away, but since then it’s been pretty plain sailing.

What’s next for Freddie’s Flowers?

We only deliver one arrangement a week, and my constant thought is how we can make that arrangement, and all that goes with it, as good as it can be. So we are going to carry on doing that for now.

Freddies-Flowers-Morello Life

What’s the best part of your job?

Being able to try new ideas and working with the most fabulous group of people.

What are your secret tips for getting the most out of flowers?

Very simple, and not so secret. Snip an inch off the end, use some flower food and change the water every few days. If you run out of flower food, a dash of sugar will help!

What are the most common mistakes people make when arranging flowers?

Overthinking it. Flower arranging is fun, creative and relaxing and should never be stressful, no matter how it looks in the end. You really can’t go to far wrong.


Where’s your favourite place to go on holiday?

Cotswolds. Pretty mental.

24 hours in London: where would you eat, stay and visit?

I would stay at the Zetter Townhouse (Clerkenwell), eat somewhere in Soho, visit Greenwich.

What’s the first thing you’d do if you won the lottery?

Have a good ol’ party for all my chums.


How will you be spending Valentine’s Day?

Cooking dinner for my wife.

Image credits: Freddie’s Flowers, Morello Life, The Times, Surrey Food Festival