Meet Hayley Rubery

Meet fabulous #AureeAngel Hayley (@frockmeimfamous). Editor of luxury lifestyle platform Frock Me I’m Famous, Hayley is the go-to place to discover the newest trends in fashion to beauty and travel to careers.  Frock Me I’m Famous is aimed at women and men aged 18 – 40 looking for tips and advice ranging from the must-have accessory of the moment to the best speed-dating bars in London. We chatted to Hayley and asked her thoughts on Christmas this year.

Where will you be spending Christmas this year?

I’ll be spending Christmas this year at my boyfriend’s sisters with him and his family – it will be our first Christmas together and I can’t wait to spend it with him.


Do you have any Christmas traditions?

I love Christmas eve, I put on my festive PJs, make myself a nice hot chocolate and snuggle on the sofa with my BFF watching our favourite Christmas films!

hayley 1

What’s on your Christmas wishlist?

This engraved rose gold disc necklace has to be my favourite piece from Auree and is definitely on my wish list this year! I’m also in the market for some new over the knee boots.

Favourite Christmas Film / Song?

Elf by far! And definitely the Pogues Fairytale of New York because it’s my favourite city in the world.


What’s the best/worst Christmas present you ever received?

Oh god haha, I actually prefer to do something with my loved ones as a gift rather than opening a physical present on the day as I love making memories. So my favourite gifts are weekends away to city breaks, gig tickets or a nice meal out with my boyfriend/girlfriends. In terms of the worst present, I don’t want to drop anyone in trouble so I’ll pass on that haha.

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Have you ever had a white Christmas?

Yes! When I was younger, I can’t remember how old I was but I’d say around 10, it was so magical!

Is your Christmas tree real or fake?

Real! It makes such a mess but I LOVE the smell!

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Are you planning any New Year’s resolutions?

I haven’t really – other than trying to stay more organised (something I actually try to do anyway rather than just a resolution). I think New Year’s resolutions are a great kick start but I believe in trying to be the best version of yourself always.

What would be your dream place to visit for the Christmas holidays?

Ooooh somewhere snowy – a nice log cabin with a fire and lots of snuggly blankets.. bliss!

On the beach or on the snow?

Oh at Christmas time it would have to be in the snow for me!

hayley 4

What treats do you leave for Father Christmas?

I actually don’t… does that mean I’m on the naughty list? Oops!