Meet Auree Angel Zoe Theo @ginandbone

Sunday’s #AureeAngel is Zoe (@ginandbone). Gin and Bone is a guide to the most exciting and unique restaurants, bars and pop-ups around the world to keep you one step ahead of the food evolution. Zoe hotel-hops across the globe and is eternally in search of the hippest hotel or undiscovered exclusive resort. From city to beach or ski to surf, she will show you where to go. We managed to grab a few moments with her before she went off on her next trip.

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What will you be wrapping as a gift under the tree?

The Auree Monmartre Yellow Gold Watch with Chestnut Brown & Orange leather strap will be under there as a gift and I may have also snuck a little engraved Smythson travel set underneath for myself… Is that not the point of Christmas?

Where will you be spending Christmas this year?

I am spending the run up to Christmas in London with my family and then I am off to Cuba for Christmas and New Years.


Do you have any Christmas traditions?

Yes. Way too much food and wine. Oh and I hate minced pies but I have one every year to see if I have changed my mind. Its looking like an unlikely win for mince pies.

What’s on your Christmas wishlist?

I absolutely LOVE anything personalised, so I am pretty hopeful for the Auree Bali September (my birthday) Birthstone Bracelet with the Lapis Lazuli stone. Also a new Indian Spice scent by Zegna. I am OBSESSED with it and it could not smell more warm, luxurious and Christmassy. Oh and of course a puppy if anyone wants to buy me one?

What’s your favourite party piece?

I would say the Auree Kerala Blue Moonstone & Gold Long necklace & always a good pair of shoes. Nothing says “I’ve made an effort” like a pair of Laboutins.

Favourite Christmas Film?

I don’t even have to hesitate in saying “Love Actually”. I watch it every single year, without fail.

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What’s the best Christmas present you ever received?

I could sound really sentimental and say the best was my nieces and nephew, but its actually a tennis bracelet from Purely Diamonds. Close.

Have you ever had a white Christmas?

Yes. A few I think. One or two in London and one in Zermatt, Switzerland. There is something really magical about snow on Christmas Day.

Is your Christmas tree real or fake?

I hate to say it, but mine is fake. I invested in a really good one about 4 years ago and it looks really great. I may or may not have bought a pine tree diffuser to give the illusion of a real one.


Are you planning any New Year’s resolutions?

Yes. I have a tradition to learn something new every year. Last year was Italian… I haven’t decided what this year… Maybe Mandarin, or cooking lessons.

What would be your dream place to visit for the Christmas holidays?

My family home. Always.

On the beach or on the snow?

You know, I love the beach but spending Christmas morning in a big jumper with a Christmas movie and some questionable fluffy slippers with the snow outside… I don’t think anything can beat that for me.


What treats do you leave for Father Christmas?

A large Gin & Tonic and some Pfeffernusse (my Christmas weakness). If you don’t know, look it up… You’ll thank me later.