Mother’s Day Edit

This year as Mother’s Day approaches, I wanted to share some of my favourite Auree pieces I have given to my Mother over the years, some things she has chosen and some new pieces that I think she will love.  

Some Mothers can be easy to buy for, but others, are notoriously difficult.  There are mothers (like me) who may be facing a battle to save all chains from grabbing hands. There will be mothers who know exactly what they like (and more specifically, what they don’t like). There will be mothers who already have everything (sigh).

My mother

My mother was her mother’s girl, as perhaps am I. Living right on the beach she wears things that work well with jeans and boots but which she can equally wear on her frequent visits to London. My mother’s style is classic but clever. She will combine Bond Street with something she has found at TK Maxx. She mixes new fashions and looks with colours and cuts that she knows suit her. And this no nonsense approach is exactly the same when it comes to her jewellery.


An inside peek into my mother’s jewellery
Salina Gold Vermeil & Blue Topaz Earrings New in this month, I know these will suit her so well. This brightly coloured sparkling topaz will bring out the colour of her eyes and they are small enough that although they are a drop earring, they are not too dangly (which she doesnt like!)
Olivera Silver Piccolo hoops Perfect for walks on the beach and also being discreet they go with everything. I like the brushed finish on her as it makes them softer looking.

Walton Russian Wedding Ring She wears this every day and it has our names engraved inside each one.

Walton Russian Wedding Bangle This was actually a present from my father for a special birthday. It is something she wears all the time – with jeans, soft cashmere jumpers or in the Summer with linen dresses. It really goes with everything.

Savanne Labradorite Earrings She wears these ALL the time despite not being able to pronounce/remember the name of the stone. The discrete size really suits her and I love the way the Labradorite changes colour depending on the light. 

Some Mother’s Day Presents I love this year

Some old and some new, these are some of my favourite pieces for presents. 

Three Mother’s Day Ideas

These are just a few things that I think my mother would love doing this Mother’s day. In fact, we have already been to the Hockney together, but it is brilliant and so do get tickets if you can. It is great for children too as the bright colours are completely captivating (even for my 6 month old!)


An Exhibition – David Hockney

An Exhibition David Hockney

Bright, colourful and seriously upbeat. This is the perfect exhibition to go to with her. Have a coffee (and large piece of cake) at the café first.


Pre Lunch Potter – Columbia Flower Road Market

Columbia Flower Road Market

Who couldn’t love seeing all these colours. And it’s the only place to get her flowers from.


Lunch – Polpetto


Tapas – and delicious tapas at that. Sharing food means you can order more and try more too – a better reason than any.

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