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Something that stops people from ordering and buying rings online is figuring out what your ring size is. Rings are often the priciest accessory from the jewellery world and carry so much meaning and thought, especially if you’re looking for an engagement or wedding ring. Ring size shouldn’t hold you back from buying unique pieces from online jewellery brands. To help take the stress out of ring buying and to unlock more options for yourself, we’ve put together a handy guide to help you find your ring size and understand ring sizing charts.


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How to understand ring charts

Before we get into the ring chart, it’s important to understand that brands might have slightly different ring sizing charts. The majority of the time it’s because brands are from different countries, so a UK brand will use a different chart than a US or European brand. Remember to always check what country the brand is from before you input your ring size!

As a UK-based brand, we’re going to be focusing on UK ring charts and measurements. Ring size is typically measured in letters. This makes finding your ring size a little easier, measuring your finger simpler and opens up more sizes that will fit each finger perfectly. Ring sizes start at the smallest – A – and go up to the largest size – Z. Letters correspond to diameter and circumference in millimetres. Circumference measures all the way around the finger or ring and the diameter is the measurement from one side of the finger or ring to the other side. Circumference is the measurement that’s used the most when measuring fingers.

Jewellery stores and websites will have a chart for you to use and if you’re in store, a jeweller will measure your finger for you to get the most accurate sizing. If you’re at home and want to purchase a ring online, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to measure your ring size at home.


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How to measure your ring size at home

There are three ways to measure your ring size at home or away from a store. The simplest step is to find the ring you want and pick the finger you want to wear it on! If the ring is marketed as ‘adjustable’, you don’t have to worry too much about finding your ring size because you can adjust it when it arrives. If you’re a big ring fan, it’s a good idea to know what size each finger is so you can easily order different rings for different fingers whenever you want!

  • The first and easiest way to find your ring size is to measure the inside diameter and circumference of a ring you already have. This is also the best way to find your partner’s ring size without asking them, especially if you’re buying them a present or planning on popping the question. Simply ‘borrow’ one of their rings to measure their size without them knowing!

If you’re looking for a ring for a similar finger, use a ring you already have that fits you nicely. Simply get a ruler or measuring tape and measure the diameter and circumference of the ring. Compare the millimetre measurements to the letters on a ring size guide and you’ve got your size!

  • The next way is to use a piece of string, or a strip of paper to measure your finger. Use string or paper that’s 1.4 cm or ½ an inch. Wrap it around the base of your finger or the top of your knuckle if you’re aiming for a midi ring. 

Use a pen or pencil to mark the point where the string or paper overlaps or forms a circle. This should be snug and fitted to your finger but not too tight that it will leave a mark, cut off circulation or slip off. Next, measure the length of the paper or string from the end to the pen mark – this is the measurement of your finger. You can then use the ring chart to determine your ring size in letters.

  • Finally, you can order a ring sizer free of charge from Auree!. A ring sizer is a piece of plastic that wraps around the finger and comes with a fastener so you can properly fix it to your finger and find your size. The ring sizer has letters printed on the outside, so you don’t have to worry about converting your ring size to a letter. Request your Ring Sizer here >


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What to remember when measuring your finger

When measuring your ring size, there are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind to make sure you get the most accurate size and fit.

  1. If you’re measuring your finger at home using the string or paper method, make sure you measure the inside of your finger and not the outside. If you’re using an existing ring to figure out your size, it’s easy to measure the outside of the ring and mistakenly include the width and decor. This will result in an unusual and misshaped ring, so make sure you measure the inside.

  2. The first is to measure your finger in the middle or towards the end of the day. Hands and fingers are very easily affected by the time of day, weather, water retention and weight. In the morning, fingers are typically swollen so are not an accurate representation of your normal finger size. Your fingers can also be a lot thinner in the evenings so that doesn’t help either! We recommend picking a time in the middle of the day. This is when your fingers will be at a more ‘normal’ size.

  3. If you have larger knuckles, you need to pick a ring or ring size that needs to be pushed firmly over the knuckle. It’s important that your ring fits snuggly but if it’s a struggle to get over your knuckle, it won’t fit your finger! Pick a bigger size to ensure you don’t have to return the ring for a bigger or smaller size. Alternatively, if you have a knuckle that’s the same size as the rest of your finger, make sure it’s snug so it doesn’t slip off your finger.

Keep in mind if you’re measuring one finger, it might not be the same size as the same finger on the opposite hand. Your dominant hand is typically bigger than your non-dominant hand, so measure them separately.


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Now you know how to measure your ring size, dive into our stunning collection of rings and find the next piece for your collection.