Summer Weekenders

Summer, what are we doing talking about summer? Ridiculous. Or not my dears. You might be frolicking in some spring sun but the diaries are getting waved about and before long you will find its full of weddings, christenings or a weekend with the in-laws. So make sure you have booked up a few while you can. From a splash of sea to some mountain air, there are plenty of options and a good view for you. Just be a darling and send us a snap. #Aureetravel

Salcombe Harbour Hotel, Salcombe | Sinbad never looked this good.


Salcombe, once the haven for deck shoe wearers only, it is now also rather a good spot for anyone who likes to wake up with a waterfront view and more restaurants than you could possibly fit into. Or squeeze out of come to think of it. With plenty of coastal path to walk it off and boats you can hire by the day, we are sure you can build up that appetite for a second night anyway. And if you’re feeling a little washed out, you can take on their spa for a bit of TLC. Just what the doctor ordered.

The Talbot Inn, Mells, Somerset | The Insy Crowd


The owners of the Talbot used to work for Soho House, so they know a thing or two about service. The difference is that you don’t need to have a membership card here and things are a little more low-key.  With only 8 rooms you won’t be joining a queue for breakfast but you will need to book early. Good local beer, very unlocal wine and the food is tip-top both in the pub and the grill they have set up in the long barn next to it. And it’s a proper grill – not a happy eater if you’re wondering. Free-standing baths are a popular thing at Auree and this place has them a plenty. You can take long walks or hit the Mulberry outlet nearby and pack the boys off for a cider next door.

Dormy House Hotel | Danish Cotswold Melange


If you want your fix of rural, villager fare then this is a great option. You can get a nice massage while you’re at it too. The danish owners have ensured that the decor is fresh and lively and the beds are deliciously comfortable. You can sort yourself out in the Spa and the Dormy has two restaurants for you to pick from, depending on whether you are feeling like a white table cloth or not.

The Albion, Ramsgate | London Seafaring

The Albion Ramsgare

The Albion do attention with obsessive enthusiasm. And we like obsessives. A quick flit from London, you can take in the views of the Royal Harbour below. And feel royal frankly as Queen Victoria stayed here once upon a time. Done up immaculately and if you like a marble bathroom, this is the one for you. Enjoy a walk or a wine course. The choice my dears, is yours.

Lime Wood, Hampshire | New Forest Ghetto


Luxurious but not ostentatious. You can wear your heels or Converse here. And choose from a Michelin Star restaurant on miss-matched china. The Spa is AMAZING and the gate leads straight into New Forest so you can go and frolic like an Elf, or the Gruffalo for that matter. Minor gripe is that breakfast isn’t included. And we can’t be doing with any no breakfast nonsense – that’s what holidays are all about.