The London Gelato Edit

We aren’t talking Mr Whippy my dears. And 99 Flakes are so, well, 1999. A little detour from our travel destinations, but we thought for all those holed up in London this August, we would do something different.

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Gelupo | 7 Archer Street, London


No time to scour and taste? Choose their Chocolate & Black Pepper.

It’s claimed they have the best Gelato this side of the Alps, and we are inclined to agree. The perfect pudding, as merely a hop, skip and a jump from Bocca di Lupo (one of our favourite Italians) – or an ideal detour after the theatre. Open till 11pm (midnight at weekends).

Dri Dri Gelato | Chelsea Farmers Market, Sydney Street, London.

Dri Dri Ice Cream Chelsea Farmers Market

No time to scour and taste? Mint Choc Chip (Dark Chocolate Chunks and Fresh Mint Ice Cream). Diets ALWAYS start tomorrow.

The Sydney Street scoop, Dri Dri stick with the natural stuff. More flavours than Willy Wonka’s Larder and this ice cream is smoother than George Clooney’s silk boxer shorts. Cones only please and you can pop yourself down on the bench outside for some Chelsea people watching – and then skip a few steps to your left for that pre holiday pedicure at the nail bar. They could always match your ice cream flavour…

Gelateria 3Bis | 4 Park Street, London.Gelateria 3bis

No time to scour and taste? Stracciatella (with an Espresso on the side)

All made on the premises, as it should be. And a lucky thing, as the only other branch is in Rimini, on the Adriatic coast.  Based in Borough Market, 3Bis mixes some italian classics with English flavours (if Eton mess is your thing). To be frank though, the most essential thing to remember, is to get them to add melted chocolate to the bottom of the cone – if you’re going to spill ice cream down that new white dress of yours – do the full monty.

When at home | For all you home entertainers…

Honeycomb Ice Cream

Fran Wyld spends her time teaching teenagers to master culinary skills at The Wyld Cookery School, so this should be a doddle for you and will knock the socks off Ben and Jerry’s at your next summer soiree. Or if you really want to show off – take it along to a friends dinner party, the hostess will love you and hate you in the same breath.

Ingredients (serves 8)

1 tsp bicarbonate of soda | 150g sugar | 600ml double cream | 2 tbs golden syrup | 1 x 397g tin condensed milk. 

The Details: 

1. Place a large piece of greaseproof paper on the table. If you want to turn out the ice cream, line your mould with a little veg oil and cling film. Fran suggests a 2lb loaf tin. 

2. On a low heat, melt the sugar and syrup in a large saucepan (this is vital!) and once dissolved bring to the boil for about 3 mins until it turns a dark golden.

3. Remove from the heat and sprinkle over the bicarbonate of soda. Using a large metal spoon stir the mixture until it doubles in volume.

4. Stop stirring and let it continue to rise and then pour onto the greaseproof paper. Leave it to cool and set. NB Do not put in the fridge.

5. Whip the cream to soft peaks and then add the condensed milk and continue to whisk back to soft peaks.

6. Break up the honeycomb by placing in a carrier bag and bashing with a rolling pin. Then fold ¾ into the cream mixture. Pour into the lined tin. Put the remaining honeycomb in an airtight container and set aside to garnish when you serve.

7. Freeze overnight if possible and then either serve as scoops from the container or turn out and slice up (quickly!). Use the remaining honeycomb to sprinkle on top.


Photo credits: | | | Wyld Cookery School