Ultimate Sporting Experiences

If the prospect of a holiday where the effort of picking up a cocktail from the table next to your lounger is enough, then this isn’t the Journal post for you. This is for all you exercise junkies.

1. Horse Trekking in Transylvania

Summer alpine landscape with green fields and valleys,Bran,Transylvania,Romania,Europe

Why walk when you can ride? Ever since we read Along the Enchanted Way we’ve had a sweet spot for Romania. Based at the centre of the Kalnoky family’s country estate in Romania and run by Count Tibor Kalnoky and his wife Anna, you feel like your knee deep in a novel. Beautiful countryside with romantic forests that are home to bears, wolves, deer and indeed many takes and fables. You won’t ever want to leave. You can organise your trip through Ride Worldwide. 


2. Yoga Retreats in Andalucia

Mischa Varmuza Yoga

Aaaand Stretch. The fertile lands of Andalucia remain suspended between the sea and stars so they say. So where better to find your Zen and test your flex? Guides Misha and Maggie believe that ritual is the most important ingredient in living a more fulfilled life, we suspect they don’t include scrambled eggs and bacon with that. However, you can rest assured that it won’t be a case of walking back into the office after a yoga retreat – you’ll be floating like a Genie.


3. The Marbella Club and Puente Romano


The Marbella Club is the Grand Dame of the Spanish coast. If you’re going (and we suggest that you do), you will need to deploy a new bikini. But as far as sport goes, it’s got all the cards. A golf course up in the hills (best before the sun gets too high) and tennis courts just around the corner at the Puente Romano. The best bit? You can walk back to flop into the pool or take on their Spa while the boys can hit the bar.


4. Get your Chukka on

Argentina Polo

Whether you want to learn to play polo, or just chase a polo player, this is the one for you. Pick up the Game of Kings at this 4000-acre traditional ranch with swimming pool, gaucho barbecues, and cattle drives. Run by Polo superstar Federico Cendoya, he will have you ship shape in no time. And when you have spent the whole day playing polo on one of the 200 horses, you can enjoy a huge steak and a large glass of wine to congratulate yourself.


<5. Sailing in the Greek Islands 

Sailing course greece

As a small child you may have been packed off to do a sailing course in Salcombe – which would have been fine if it hadn’t rained every day. We have a solution – Greece.  Based in Lefkas, you can charter your own yacht, with your family or with friends. There's is plenty of time for sunbathing, swimming and snorkelling too – Jason and his Argonauts wouldn’t have approved but who cares?


6. Surfing in Bali

Surfing Bali

Forget Cornwall, this is the place to go if you really want to learn how to surf. And that tan will look glorious when you get back.  Book yourself into Amankila Resort where you can hit the waves or the restaurant in equal measure. They also offer some of the best scuba diving there is and a 41 meter pool if you haven’t shrunk yourself in a prune by the end of the day.


7. Virgin Dives in the Maldives


A Five Star floating hotel that gets you access to virgin dive sites, doesn’t sound bad does it? And The Four Seasons happens to operate it. With room for 22 guests, The Four Seasons Explorer has a Padi Five Star Dive Centre on board which will take you to different dive sites. It cruises between two Four Seasons Resorts too, so you can hop and and hop off.


8. Guided Skiing in Kashmir 

Kashmir skiing holiday

The Alps are so done darlings. One of the Auree Grandmothers spent several months skiing in Kashmir in the 20’s and the challenge hasn’t thawed over time. If you’re advocate in the school of thought that it isn’t skiing unless you are off piste, then this is the trip for you. 8 or 12 day trips where you will ski virgin powder and put your heart through constant adrenaline surges.


9. Walking through Tuscany

Walking in Tuscany

Someone wise once said that you can listen to Radio 4 and still be hip. And our view is that walking holidays are probably the same. Tuscany doesn’t just provide a good view, it also is home to Chianti. Walk between your hotels or villas and the best bit is that your luggage will be taken on for you – so who cares if you stick an extra couple of things in the bag?

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