Heartfelt Birthday Gifts for Women: Unique and Thoughtful Ideas

If you’re looking for a birthday gift for the woman in your life, jewellery is always a thoughtful and heartfelt choice. It can be difficult to choose jewellery for another person. When you buy someone jewellery or any kind of gift, you want to make sure it’ll work well with that persons’ style and is something they’ll want to wear or use regularly. Whether it’s a gift for your mother, fiancée or sister, we’ve put together some of our favourite jewellery ideas that’s suitable for all the women in your life.

For your mum: Lockets

Your mum is easily one of the most important women in your life, so a unique piece of jewellery is a great gift to give to her. To make your gift more meaningful and personal, give her a locket necklace. A locket is a pendant necklace that opens up to reveal a little storage space to keep something personal in like photographs, trinkets and the occasional lock of hair! 

This style of necklace dates back to the Victorian age and has been extremely popular for centuries. Most recently, locket necklaces have been revitalised with more modern colours, designs and materials. Lockets are traditionally given to loved ones but they’re the perfect necklace to give to a mother figure to show her how much she means to you. A locket is something for your mum to hold on to forever and if you also accompany it with a tiny picture of you and your family for her to put inside it, she’ll always have you with her.

The Langton Sterling Silver Diamond Locket is a beautiful and special piece that features a small diamond star in the centre. The locket is available in both gold and silver, but the cold icy silver really sets off the sparkle of the diamond. This necklace is sure to become a family heirloom which you can pass down for generations.

For your grandma: Pearl bracelet

For your grandma, pick a gift that’s classic and unlikely to go out of style – just like her! Bracelets make excellent gifts and with their many styles, they give you the opportunity to branch out and try different designs. 

A great style to go for is a simple pearl bracelet. Pearls have a real vintage feel about them and bring us back to old Hollywood and celebrity starlets like Audrey Hepburn. Pearls are timeless and while they may feel vintage, they’re incredibly modern and seen everywhere – mainly because they’re the birthstone for June! Freshwater and baroque pearls are on trend currently, so a pearl bracelet is a way to bring the old school into the new.

The Gloucester White Freshwater Pearl & Gold Vermeil Bracelet is a stunning gift to give to your grandmother on her birthday. The pearls are placed tightly together so the bracelet features the pearls prominently, but you can still see a peek of warm gold coming through as it sits on the wrist.

For your sister: Rainbow Earrings

Whether you and your sister are BFFs or are at each other’s throats all the time, you need to get her a special gift for her birthday! Siblings are always difficult to buy for – you’re never quite sure what they want! If this is a struggle for you with your sister, it’s always a good idea to pick something that you’re sure they’re into – like jewellery – and something that’s trendy and in style at the time.

Earrings are always a great gift choice and if you’re looking for popular earrings that are in style today, look towards hoop earrings. Hoops have been firm fan favourites for centuries but they’re really having a moment right now, whether they’re tiny huggies or super oversized.

We’ve recently launched the Rowfant Rainbow Charity Hoop Earrings which are from our limited edition Rowfant Rainbow Charity Collection. These hoops add a stunning pop of colour to any look and your sister is sure to love them! 100% of the profits go to Little Village charity so you can purchase a stunning gift for your sister while also donating and supporting an important charity. 

For your girlfriend: Birthstone set

We couldn’t talk about buying jewellery for someone’s birthday and not talk about birthstones! Birthstones are meaningful gemstones that represent a person’s birth month. Birthstones are beautiful, unique and great pieces to wear all the time. They’re also the gift that keeps on giving – if you’re ever unsure of what to get someone, buy them a birthstone piece!

For your girlfriend, you want to get her a meaningful gift that she’ll never want to take off. Enter: birthstone jewellery! Find her birthstone and pick a dazzling piece of jewellery that features the colourful gem. A birthstone really shows how important she is to you and shows that you’ve put a lot of thought and time into picking her gift.

The Barcelona Birthstone Jewellery Set is the perfect gift if your girlfriend loves wearing and showing off her birthstone. This set includes a necklace, bracelet and earrings all featuring your chosen birthstone. The one we’ve selected is moonstone, one of the birthstones for the month of June.

For your fiancée: Diamonds

Diamonds are a big commitment, so what better time to buy diamonds than when you’re popping the question?! Whether you’re proposing to the woman of your dreams or want to show your dedication to her in a birthday present, diamonds make a truly beautiful and meaningful gift. If you’re not quite ready for marriage yet, a pair of diamond stud earrings or an eternity ring are great alternatives.

An eternity ring or an infinity ring symbolises never-ending love. While they’re traditionally given for an anniversary or a birth, they can also be given almost as a promise ring. Diamonds are also a gemstone that represents purity, faithfulness and commitment so an eternity ring that features diamonds is an extremely powerful and heartfelt statement.

The Windsor Scalloped Edged Diamond Eternity Ring is the perfect ring to give to your fiancée or future fiancée. This ring features the finest diamonds and are set into a unique scalloped edged setting, making it perfect to be worn alongside an engagement ring.

For your wife: Personalised jewellery

Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than personalised jewellery. It can be hard to buy jewellery for your wife as you’ve given her the most personal and special jewellery already – their wedding and engagement rings. So, the best way to get her a gift that’ll last a lifetime is to go for something personalised. 

Personalising a piece of her existing jewellery or purchasing a new piece which you can have engraved with names or dates is a great way to show her how much she means to you. Whether it’s a bracelet or necklace, pick a special date – like her birthday – and have it etched into the jewellery metal. This way, you give her a stylish piece of jewellery and one that connects to her in a personal way.

The Pembroke 9ct Gold Disc Pendants are a timeless classic that will last a lifetime. Engraved by our London workshop, personalise with special dates and names to mark the occasion for the ultimate gift.

For the mother-to-be: Fingerprint necklace

Sticking with the personalised theme, this final gift idea is a truly special one and a heartfelt present to give to the mother of your children. There’s nothing like the bond between a parent and her child and especially a mother and her child. A piece of jewellery is a beautiful way to symbolise this and holds a lot of meaning.

The Northcote Sterling Silver Fingerprint Pendant Necklace is a great present to give to a mother or mother-to-be to celebrate motherhood. This sterling silver necklace can be personalised with her fingerprint and the baby’s fingerprint. It’s the perfect gift to give for a birthday present or for Mother’s Day and is something she’s sure to keep and wear forever.