How to Style Turquoise Jewellery

As the weather heats up so should your jewellery! Summer calls for bright colours, fun materials, and natural textures. Turquoise is the obvious choice for summer with its vibrant blue-green hues and connection to the elements. If you’re looking for a gemstone that’s sure to make you stand out from the crowd, look no further than turquoise jewellery. Keep reading to find out more about turquoise’s history and meanings, plus how to style turquoise jewellery for summer 2021.

Turquoise: What is it and what does it mean?

Turquoise is an opaque blue-green mineral that’s a hydrous phosphate of aluminium and copper. Its colours range from deep blues and apple greens to sunny yellows. Turquoise often has streaks running through it, giving it a more unique look. Theses streaks are typically white, black or brown in colour. 

Turquoise dates back to the ancient Egyptians but its seen and used by many different cultures. The Aztecs, Persians and Native Americans all have deep connections to turquoise, and it’s said that the gemstone is the talisman of kings, shamans, and warriors. The gemstone symbolises protection, wisdom, luck, and power and is also regarded as the stone of friendship. Turquoise is also a purification stone that dispels negative energies, balances chakras, and enhances the immune system.

In jewellery, turquoise is the December birthstone and represents the 11th wedding anniversary. As turquoise is such a powerful gem, it’s a beautiful stone to wear or carry with you for protection. It’s a meaningful gift to give to a close friend and for those who have December birthdays. Now you know a little bit about the origins of turquoise, let’s get into our four favourite ways to style turquoise jewellery.

Four ways to style turquoise jewellery

Keep it simple with gold chains

Gold and turquoise are the perfect pair, especially for Summer. Their warm bright tones compliment each other beautifully and allow one another to shine. Gold chains have been trending for a few years now and are set to be around for years. By combining modern chains with striking turquoise, you elevate your style and add a pop of colour to everyday outfits. Necklaces are a great way to start incorporating gemstones, so start off with a simple pendant necklace that puts turquoise at the centre and features a dainty gold chain. If you prefer something more elaborate, turquoise is great to experiment with. Lots of chunky and statement necklaces feature turquoise in different shapes and sizes, so play around with it and make it your own!

Make it boho with dark & neutral colours

The boho or bohemian trend is strongly connected to hippie and 70s fashion, where natural materials, neutral shades and funky patterns take the stage. Think Stevie Nicks, Kate Moss and Sienna Miller for inspiration! Turquoise is predominantly featured in the boho trend and looks beautiful alongside darker or more neutral colours. Turquoise takes you back to nature so to keep your look earthy and rustic, pair with natural materials and textures, like wood, silver, and leather. 

Pair with beads & pearls

Beads and pearls are really in this year, especially for the summer season. Beads are giving us the 90s throwback that we’ve all been loving and reminds us of homemade friendship bracelets from our childhoods. Pearls have a classic vintage feel that look great at the beach and adds a bit of neutrality to a colourful look. For a look that’s perfect at the seaside, pair turquoise with brightly coloured beads and intersperse the gemstone with pearls, so turquoise is the star of the show.

Choose sea themed colours

Whether you’re jetting off on holiday or planning a staycation, turquoise evokes sunshine, beach days and the soothing ocean waves. To really capture the essence of the sea, incorporate turquoise with similarly coloured gemstones. For an ocean inspired look, mix blues, greens and yellows like aquamarine, labradorite and cerulean chalcedony

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