What are the birthstones for each month UK?

Birthstones and their vibrant colours and meaning are used to represent each month of the year. Traditionally, there are 12 birthstones that represent each month of the calendar. Some months have two or three birthstones, and each gem has its own origins, meaning and properties that are beneficial to the mind and body. Whether you’re looking for a birthday gift or trying to find your birthstone, we’ve got everything you need here, including the birthstones for each month, what they look like and what they mean.

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Superpower: health, healing and protection 

For those born in the first month of the year, the garnet gemstone is for the January babies. Garnet has a deep red-brown colour and dates to the 14th century. Garnet derives from the Latin word ‘granatum’ which means seed and references the garnet’s appearance to pomegranate seeds. The garnet birthstone is incredibly powerful and energising. It used to be worn by warriors in battles and is said to protect against evil, wounds and nightmares.



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Superpower: calming, stress relief and wisdom

Amethyst is the February birthstone and is a variety of quartz. Amethyst has a rich violet purple colour but can also be found in green or yellow tones. What gives the amethyst its purple colour is impurities entering the quartz and tainting the stone. It comes from a Greek word ‘methustos’ which translates to intoxicated and is rumoured to protect wearers from getting drunk. It has a strong connection to royalty and is often seen in royal jewellery and crowns. Amethyst represents wealth, wisdom, power and encourages people to connect to their emotions and find clarity.



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Superpower: courage, clarity and enhancing communication

March is the first month that has more than one birthstone, and not just one but three! Blue topaz and aquamarine have a similar colour, but blue topaz is a lighter shade whereas aquamarine is more of a blue-green tone. Blue topaz is healing and said to help calm negative emotions and strengthen friendships. Aquamarine is a type of beryl that’s named after the sea. It was used traditionally used by sailors to bring luck to their journey and is said to bring serenity and tranquillity. Finally, bloodstone is a mixture of chalcedony and jasper and has a dark green colour with red flecks. It’s said to clear negative energy and strengthen intuition and courage.



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Superpower: confidence, peace and serentiy 

April has two birthstones: white topaz and diamond. Both gems have a similar clear colour, but white topaz is a more affordable version than diamond. White topaz originates from ancient Rome and was believed to come from the God of the Sun. It’s said to promote healing, hope and happiness and offers guidance. Diamond is one of the rarest gemstones and one of the most popular. They make beautiful gifts for birthdays and are the mostly given as engagement or wedding rings.



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Superpower: good furtune, happiness and courage

Chrysoprase and emerald are the birthstones for May. Both gems are green with chrysoprase having a more apple green hue and emerald having a darker richer tone. Chrysoprase is a variety of chalcedony that contains nickel which gives it its greenish colour. Chrysoprase encourages balance, being more open and releases negativity and anxiety. Like aquamarine, emerald is a type of beryl and is part of the ‘big four’ gemstones alongside diamond, ruby, and sapphire. The rich colour symbolises truth, love, and royalty.



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Superpower: fertililty, emotional stability and peace 

June is another month with three birthstones: Moonstone, pearl and alexandrite. All three have similar iridescent neutral colours. Moonstone is opalescent with hints of pink, grey, yellow, and green. It gets its name and properties from the moon, making it a deeply spiritual and divine stone that’s often referred to as the stone of female energy. Pearls are rare gemstones that are made by molluscs. They have long been the June birthstone and are said to bring protection, good luck, and wisdom. Finally, alexandrite has a blue-green-purple colour that switches shade in the light. It’s a stone for good fortune, luck and embracing change.

What are the birthstones for each month UK?


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Superpower: creativity, motivation and positivity

The July birthstones are carnelian and ruby. Both have red colours, but carnelian is more brown-red, and ruby is a deeper red. Carnelian is a variety of chalcedony and is a stabilising birthstone that restores vitality and brings forward courage and motivation. Ruby is a stunning birthstone that’s extremely romantic while also representing the darker side of life and blood.



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Superpower: good luck, growth and inner peace

August is the month that’s all about green with its two birthstones. Like purple amethyst for February, green amethyst has similar properties and is a highly spiritual gem that connects deeply to the heart. Green amethyst can vary from lime to forest green and connects deeply to the Earth. Peridot can often be confused with green amethyst but is more of a vibrant olive green. It’s associated with good health, peacefulness and harmony and is said to protect against nightmare when set into gold.



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Superpower: wisdom, confidence and immunity

A month that’s all about blue is September. Lapis lazuli translates to ‘blue stone’ and has a striking deep blue colour, like sapphire. Lapis lazuli is considered a divine stone that’s associated with truth and friendship. It’s said to aid awareness, deepen relationships and help with judgement. Sapphire is a lighter blue colour than lapis lazuli and one of the big four gemstones. Sapphires are widely recognised as the stone that was in Princess Diana’s engagement ring, giving it a vintage royal vibe. It’s long been associated with innocence, truth, and good health.

What are the birthstones for each month UK?


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Superpower: love, stress relief and joy

For October, the birthstones are rose quartz and opal. Rose quartz has a light pink colour that is a stone of universal love and romance. It’s said to purify and open the heart and is a grounding stone that roots you to the earth. Opal is an extremely rare gemstone that comes with many different colour traces. An amplifying stone, opal is said to have many mystical powers including lightness, spontaneity, and creativity.



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Superpower: healing, calms fear and aids concentration

The November birthstones are smokey quartz and citrine. Smokey quartz is a deep chocolate brown colour that like rose quartz is said to ground you and bring stability to your life. Like most quartz, smokey quartz is incredibly healing and good for the mind and body. It’s also believed to clear negative energy and assist in overall wellbeing. On the other end of the spectrum, citrine has a light yellow-orange colour and is said to encourage joy, success, and prosperity.



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Superpower: friendship, protection and goof fortune 

Finally, the December birthstones are turquoise and tanzanite. Turquoise has a rich sea-green colour and is believed to give wearers better abilities in making and maintaining relationships and bringing together energies. It’s a powerful and protective gemstone that used to be worn by warriors during battles. Tanzanite is a blue-purple stone with hints of violet and indigo. It’s a spiritual gem that aids communication, meditation and unites the mind and the heart. 

What are the birthstones for each month UK?

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