Why We Love Rainbow Jewellery

Rainbow jewellery has become extremely popular over the years, due to its wonderful array of colours, shine and sparkle. While rainbows were originally viewed as an arc of light caused by the weather, they have come to represent and symbolise many different things, making them even more powerful. To help you understand rainbow jewellery a bit better, here are five reasons why we love rainbow jewellery.

 Rowfant Collection

An abundance of colour

Rainbows feature seven stunning colours: red, yellow, pink, green, purple, orange and blue. Jewellery is an amazing way to inject multiple colours and sparkle into your outfits. Rainbow colours in jewellery is typically done through gemstones which makes rainbow pieces even more special and exciting to look at. If you love colour, rainbow jewellery is a great way to show off your individuality and uniqueness, just like the rainbow.

Full of meaning

There are a wide range of colourful meanings behind the rainbow. Firstly, rainbows symbolise the LGBT community. The colours represent the diversity and spectrum of sexuality and gender and is typically shown off via a flag a.k.a the pride flag. The rainbow also acts as a symbol to support and celebrate the NHS. During the COVID-19 pandemic, people put rainbows in their windows to lift spirits and to show the NHS their appreciation. By wearing a pair of rainbow earrings or a rainbow necklace, you can show your support and solidarity to these causes and organisations every day.

 rainbow earrings

A symbol of hope

Rainbows are a symbol of hope that dates back to the early days of Christianity. In the tale of Noah’s Ark, the rainbow appeared after the flood as a sign from God to assure Noah of the covenant between heaven and earth. The rainbow can be viewed as a symbol of hope within this religion or any other spiritual belief. For example, ribbons of rainbow colours often appear in the sky after dramatic storms and turbulent weather. This can act as a metaphor for weathering the storm and coming out the other side. The rainbow can also symbolise the light and calm after a storm or a new beginning following a hard time in your life.

Connection to the past

The rainbow can connect to the past, whether its 90s nostalgia or Greek and Roman myths. As rainbows are abundantly colourful and bright, this ties in beautifully to the 90s and 00s jewellery trends where everything is candy, pastel and technicoloured. It’s a nice nod to our childhoods and fun trends of the past that are making a steady comeback today. Rainbows also have roots stemming from Greek and Roman mythology. The rainbow acts as a symbol of the bridge between heaven and earth which was personified by the Greek messenger goddess, Iris.

 rainbow necklace

Fun, loud and proud

Finally, rainbow jewellery is fun and looks beautiful! Whether it’s for yourself or another person, jewellery can be difficult to buy. While buying jewellery that’s full of meaning and symbolism is important and a great way to find the perfect gift, you can just pick jewellery that you think looks good! Overall, rainbows are powerful, add a pop of colour to your outfit and its brightness and sparkle can influence your happiness and positivity.

 Auree Jewellery created its Rowfant Rainbow collection in collaboration with Little Village, a baby bank charity that offers clothes, toys and equipment to children and families. The Rowfant line features necklaces and earrings in a rainbow design which symbolises hope, solidarity, and a child’s joyful approach to life. Shop the collection here.