All You Need To Know About Gold Cufflinks

Solid Gold Cufflinks will be a gift that he will treasure forever. They are smart, classic and can also be engraved to make them entirely unique.

There are so many Silver or Gold Cufflinks available and so it is important to know what to look for when choosing the right cufflinks for you. You want to invest in cufflinks that are really good quality and look exactly how you want them to.

The first decision to make is whether to choose Sterling Silver, 9ct Gold or 18ct Gold Cufflinks.  The biggest factor to affect this decision is usually price as 18ct Gold is of course much more expensive than 9ct - and Silver is even more affordable.  The difference in appearance between 9ct and 18ct Gold is very minimal.  18ct Gold is more yellow in colour with a warmer, deeper glow to it.  However, to the majority of people, they will be unable to identify which is which and this is why 9ct is always such a popular choice. 

Silver engraved cufflinks are cufflink classics and are a very popular Christening or Birthday present.  Both 9ct and 18ct Gold Cufflinks can also be engraved (by machine or by hand) and the engraving looks exactly the same on both.  9ct Gold is generally known to be stronger and therefore more durable which is another reason why 9ct Gold Cufflinks are always so popular. Silver is softer than Gold but does still make a lovely choice for personalised cufflinks.

One of the main reasons people choose 18ct Gold Cufflinks is if they want these to match another 18ct Gold piece of jewellery e.g. a Gold Signet Rings or Gold Wedding Ring. 18ct Gold has a much higher pure Gold content (75%) than 9ct Gold (37.5%) which is why the cost varies so much. Pure Gold is also very soft which is why the higher content Gold is softer.

The next choice you have to make is to decide on the style of cufflinks. The choice is between a chain link style cufflink or a swivel style cufflink. This is generally a personal preference and comes down to the ease of putting them on. For engraving, the chain option is more popular as it has four oval discs which allows for more personalisation. The chain option is also more classic and traditional which appeals to people.

Personalised cufflinks are so special to have and this is why any engraved cufflinks for men are such a popular present. To be engraved with initials, a name, a fingerprint or even a crest or coat of arms will make these solid gold cufflinks entirely unique to you. They are something that will be passed to other generations and can be worn every day as well as to any special occasion. They are something to be kept and treasured forever. People feel proud to wear personalised cufflinks.