How to measure your ring size from home

Online shopping has never been more popular after last year’s lockdown. When buying jewellery online, you don’t have to worry about sizing for most jewellery types except rings. Whether you’re treating yourself to a ring or buying a ring as a gift for a friend, other half, or family member, it’s important to get the ring size right! Here’s our guide on how to measure your ring size from home, including top tips on how to get the best results.

How to measure your ring size at home

To start, pick the finger you want to buy a ring for. Alternatively, you can measure all your fingers and keep a note of them so you can buy yourself as many rings whenever you want!

Now that you’ve got the finger you want to buy a ring for, you can use the paper or string method to find your measurement. Using a piece of string, floss, or strip of paper, wrap it around the base of your finger or the inside of a ring you already have. Use a pen to mark the point on the paper or string where it forms a circle. Make sure this is well fitted to your finger but not tight enough that it’s difficult to remove, leave a mark or cut off your circulation. Measure the length of paper from the end of it to the pen mark with a ruler (cm or mm will work just fine). Now that you have this measurement, compare it to the ring chart so you can find your size in letters - more on this below.

It’s also important to keep in mind when to measure your fingers for the best result. The temperature can massively affect the size of your fingers. Heat can make them expand or bloat a little and the cold can make them shrink, so we’d recommend measuring your fingers in the middle of the day.

Alternatively, you can use a ring sizer. A ring sizer is a small piece of plastic with letter measurements on the outside, so you can easily wrap and fit it to your finger. Request your FREE Ring Sizer from Auree here > 

Understanding the Ring Chart

Ring size is measured in letters that correspond to the circumference and diameter in millimetres or centimetres. This is the case for jewellery brands in the US and UK. Ring sizes start at ‘A’ which is the smallest size possible and go up to ‘Z’ - the largest size. 

Typically, ring sizes start from ‘G’ which is 45.5mm. As you go up in size, the millimetres increase to around 1mm. If you find that your finger falls in between two letters, we recommend going for the bigger size so it will go onto your finger. Keep in mind that if you get your ring custom made, the jeweller will make the perfect shape and fit for your finger.

Other sizes are: H – 46.7mm, I – 48mm, J – 48.7mm, K – 49.9mm, L – 51.2mm, M – 52.5mm, N – 53.8mm, O – 55mm, P – 56.3mm, Q – 57.6mm, R – 58.9mm, S – 60.1mm, T – 61.4mm, U – 62.7mm, V – 64mm, W – 65.2mm and X – 66.5mm.

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