Andalucía Travel Guide

This area of southern Spain has to be one of the finest jewels in the European crown. A compelling combination of monumental tradition, Moorish influence and Spanish charm. Even the highways are marched by Olives groves and citrus trees – so along with your Flamenco, brush up on your Spanish style.

southern Spain


Sitting below the iconic snowcapped peaks of the Sierra Nevada this historic city is filled with Islaserene mic architecture and old school tapas bars. We love this melting pot of cultures.


Unwind at Cortijo del Marqués, a charming restored manor house amidst stunning scenery. High on the character scale this is a truly special place. Order a jug of sangria and plates of manchego, chorizo and Iberian jamón to enjoy by the pool.

Cortijo del Marqués

Twenty minutes away is the Alhambra, a moorish palace, citadel and gardens that sits sentinel above the city, and is the inspiration behind our new Granada pieces. Surrounded by forest, overlooking the river Darro, its reddish stone, ornate carvings and unique position. If we were to pick a spot for squatting, this would be it.


The only way to eat is to stumble across a tapas bar and get settled in for the evening. Make sure you turn up late – and by that, we mean LATE. The Spanish don’t even meet for pre dinner Cervezas till at least 9pm and then it’s dinner at 10pm at the earliest. 



Claiming to be one of the most beautiful villages in Andalucía and rightly so. You can walk round the city walls and enjoy the breathtaking views like a medieval knight surveying the lands for marauding hordes. 

Plaza de Toros

The rounded arches of the iconic aqueduct bridge, the magnificent Plaza de Toros and the rounded cobbles on every street were the inspiration behind our Ronda necklace and earrings – the round shape with a polished finish representing the smooth finish of marble and stone.

The home of modern bull fighting, the Plaza de Toros is the oldest and largest in Spain and is built entirely of stone. People would flock to see heart-throb El Cordobés, the acrobatic and theatrical matador that had the girls swooning in their thousands. Whilst we are not fans of bull fighting, the architecture of this building is staggering.


Hotel Cerro de Hijar

Stay at the Hotel Cerro de Hijar (a 45 minute drive away), nervous drivers may find the winding approach hair-raising but it is worth it for the culinary rewards. The 6-course tasting menus are worth every euro.

Albacara restaurant

The Albacara restaurant is a must. The view which sits on the escarpment requires some beating, particularly when holding an ice cold glass of wine on a hot Spanish summers day. Order the Gazpacho, opt for the Salted Cod and put the waiter in charge of the wine list (particularly if you’re not paying).



The inspiration for the Cordoba earrings and necklaces of course comes from the Great Mosque-Cathedral in Cordoba.

Cordoba earrings

The Spanish capital during Roman and Moorish times has left the most beautiful remnants from the Moorish era. Cobbles streets, jasmine-filled courtyards and extraordinary monuments are all yours to be explored (with an ice cream in hand). 

Mesquita is a former mosque

The Mesquita is a former mosque, so you get two places of worship for one ticket. It has both a Renaissance cathedral nave, Moorish columns and red-and-white coloured giant arches resting on 856 columns (it’s huge, drop the high heels for this visit). The two religions blending their architecture in harmony. Pay for the Audio hire, it’s not stylish but it will load you up with facts for your next dinner party.

Hotel Hospes Palacio del Basilio

Stay at the Hotel Hospes Palacio del Basilio, a sanctuary of calm in this lively city. The pool is a must after a busy (and usually hot) day exploring the area. The breakfast is sensational, dinner we can’t comment on, there are far too many restaurants to discover to eat in the same place.