Auree Admires: Alice Wingfield-Digby

We have been firm favourites of Wingfield Digby London since we shared the same office space back in 2016. The luxury homeware brand incorporates real game bird feathers into each product. The range includes photo frames, trays and tableware each featuring striking intricate feathers from Pheasants, Duck and Guinea Fowl.

We caught up with founder, Alice Wingfield-Digby to find out what makes this successful brand tick. 

Alice Wingfield

What would a typical day be for you?

I live in the rolling hills of West Sussex, where I run the business with a small team and bring up my 3 children, aged 4 and under. I am a lover of the countryside and enjoy bringing the beauty of nature in, be it with fresh flowers and branches from the garden. I am a very creative person with a love of interiors, particularly interiors with a natural aesthetic which led me to create beautiful pieces celebrating and showcasing the natural beauty of feathers.

What are you most proud of?

I still get a thrill every time I meet someone, only to discover they are already familiar with the brand and indeed have one of our pieces in their home.

In terms of special moments in time, being recognised by the Princess Trust for several consecutive years and asked to exhibit at Private events at Prince Charles’ homes, Clarence House and at Highgrove was a real honour.

 Wingfield Digby Tray

What are your favourite parts of running your own business?

I love the variety and flexibility that comes with running my own business. I adore a creative brainstorm – they often go on for hours. It is thrilling being able to roll new ideas out and give something new a go, we can be very nimble as a small team.

What are the biggest struggles you’ve faced?

The last few years has seen a huge move from physical events to being predominantly online. We have been required to adapt and change a lot with this change in demand. Whilst this is challenging, it provides a wonderful opportunity to learn new things.

Wingfield Digby Frames 

What’s your favourite Wingfield Digby item you have created?

It is hard to choose a favourite, but in terms of the pieces I love and use every day; it would have to be our Green Pheasant & Guinea Fowl Tray, and our Duck & Green Pheasant placemats.

 Wingfield Digby Tray

Your favourite weekend retreat would be....

By the sea! We are spoilt with the south coast being so near so we often go to Camber Sands and West Wittering – the kids love the white sandy beaches and all the beautiful shells. The sea air and sound of the waves is so calming and restorative.

Alice at West Wittering 

Who do you admire most and why?

Sir David Attenborough is an inspiration, not only all he has taught and show us of the natural world, but also his passion for fighting climate change.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Do not to overestimate what you can achieve in a year and do not to underestimate what you can do in 5 years. To those starting off on their own entrepreneurial journey, I have heard several times the importance of being resilient. There are always challenges along the way, and every business owner can testify to the many highs and lows. Resilience is key and always a willingness to ask to advice.

What would you say to your 16-year old self?

I would tell her not to fret over the small things, life has a way of working itself out. 

 What Auree piece would be on your Birthday list?

There are so many goodies I adore, but top of my wishlist at the moment are The Mondello earrings. I love the Labradorite stone and what is so wonderful about The Auree collection is the quality. I have very sensitive ears and can find they are very sore after wearing earrings all day long. Not Auree earrings! They are so comfortable; I don’t even notice that I am wearing them.