Platinum Jubilee | 70 Years in Jewellery

As big admirers of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth's jewellery, what better way to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee than to look back at her most amazing pieces throughout her lifetime and iconic moments.

1. Imperial State Crown

Where else could we start than with the Imperial State Crown. Comissioned for her father King George VI in 1937, the Queen wore this crown for her coronation in June 1953. Not sure this one would work for the office, but maybe evening drinks?

2. Russian Fringe Tiara

The Russian Fringe tiara is one of the Queen's most iconic pieces. Not only did she wear it on her wedding day, but her daughter Princess Anne did, as well as her granddaughter Princess Beatrice. We think this one takes the cake for something old on your big day!

3. Three Strand Pearl Necklace

The Queen is rarely seen without her beautiful three strand pearl necklace, given to her by her father King George. It is such a classic and elegant necklace, which has become an iconic piece for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.

4. Brazilian Aquamarine Parure Tiara, Earrings and Necklace

The aquamarine stones in these pieces are jaw dropping. She was given the necklace and earrings and commissioned Garrard to make a tiara to match.

5. The Williamson Brooch 

We couldn't look at the Queen's finest jewels without including a brooch, we all know that she has the finest collection out there. This one includes the Williamson Diamond, arguably the finest pink diamond ever discovered, which she was given as a wedding present.

This Summer items from the her personal collection will go on display at Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh.

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