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Summer Events and Wedding Season are nearly upon us and everyone needs a striking headpiece to accompany their beautiful jewellery so we caught up with one of our favourite milliner's, Camilla Rose.

Camilla Robertson is Founder and Creative Director of Camilla Rose Millinery, mother to two boys, a keen interior designer on the side (she previously worked at the acclaimed designer Alidad) and an all round woman of flawless style. 

Camilla has a loyal client base and her hats are regularly worn by stylish race goers, wedding guests, members of the British Royal family and racing presenters. 

Mike Tindall and Zara Phillips

Tell us a little about yourself…

Camilla Rose was started entirely by a very happy accident! Having studied textile design at university, I worked for many years in the Interior design industry and I realised I missed the hands on creative side of things. I decided to do an evening course in millinery, I thought it would be fun to make a few hats for myself to wear for friends weddings.

Having seen my hats, people began to ask if I would make them one and therefore what started as a hobby very quickly became a business and I went on to train with renowned milliner Gina Foster. I’m very lucky that my happy accident has become my passion!

women wearing hats

What would a typical day be for you?

Wake up a little before my boys to try and get few minutes of admin done, often hear my eldest creeping to check if I’m awake, I’ve mastered the ‘I’m still asleep look’ but he looms right over me so trying not to react is a serious skill!

Then it’s breakfast & off to nursery. Back for coffee and checking through orders - I start with blocking some hats so they’ll be dry ready for phase two later in the day. Usually see a couple of clients a day, which breaks up the the sewing marathon, this time of year is my busiest (Royal Ascot & Weddings). Then it’s chaos for a few hours once the boys return from nursery, I take time for a cup of tea whilst my husband does bath time and after they’re in bed I try and get back to my studio for an hour or twoThen its tv supper watching an episode or two of our latest series with my husband and then I end my day with a bath - always, it’s me time!

What are you most proud of?

Being accepted into the British Hat Guild last year, was a high. It was an honour to be recognised by a such wonderful group of talented milliners.

Ginnie Chadwick Healey

What are your favourite parts of running your own business?

When something great happens, I find the reward is much better when its your own business.

My favourite moment is always when I see my customer try on the finished hat. Their smile is always amazing and I feel so thrilled that I played a small part in making them feel so fantastic.

Where do you find your inspiration?

Anywhere and everywhere! Often shapes I discover in architecture and colours I find in nature… amazing yellow rape fields at the moment, contrasting with bluebells - next season ideas?

women wearing hat

What are the biggest challenges you’ve faced?

Not one standout, but sometimes dyeing a particular colour to match an outfit.  I’ve got a particularly difficult fabric to match at the moment, which looks completely different in every light. Sometimes it takes days to get a colour right!

Do you have a favourite hat or accessory you have created?

It’s so hard to choose but I love the turquoise/pink colour combination of the Lotus from SS21 and the Tousle headbands are super versatile. The Retire ‘bunny ears’ are also a firm favorite!

couple at wedding

Your favourite weekend retreat would be....

A nice long hike on the coast or in the countryside with my husband followed by a rewarding meal in a good pub. And then the next day would have to be a relaxed day out with the boys on a beach…  

Who do you admire most and why?

My four sisters - they are all so different but incredibly creative and supportive. I have been so lucky to have such strong women around me my whole life.

women at Ascot races

What’s the best piece of advice for someone who has never bought a hat before?

Someone told me this years ago and I’ve found it to be incredibly true! – If someone says they don’t suit hats, they just haven’t found the right one!!

What is your favourite occasion to style for?

Oooh tough, I love the fashion for Royal Ascot, lots of people tend to be braver with fashion than they normally would. I also love a daring mother of the bride/groom as well!

What Auree piece would be on your Birthday list?

The Kerala earrings (hint hint to my husband) - beautiful for an event or paired with jeans for a casual dinner date. Otherwise I pretty much live in my Cordoba and Olivera Hoops.

Royal Ascot