Ruby Gemstone Guide

What is so special about Ruby?

We've got a new gemstone to add to the Auree line up and we couldn't be happier about it. Rubies are very rare, and one of the most valuable precious gemstones. In ancient India a ruby was known as Ratnanayaka, ‘the lord of the gemstones’, while Hindus called the ruby ‘king of precious stones and the leader of gems’. Well, those are quite the titles, fitting for this very special gemstone. After all, Dorothy's shoes weren't made of emeralds...

Where do Rubies come from?

The very finest rubies in the world come from Burma, but many stunning stones come from Thailand. There’s an even an island called Ceylong, the ‘island of gems’ which is famous for its rubies. We’ll take a one-way ticket please.

Are rubies linked to the sun?

The beautiful rich red of the Ruby is associated with the sun. It is thought to capture the energy of the sun and transfer it into the body of the wearer. Rubies are therefore THE stone to wear while sunbathing, sipping a cocktail on the beach and throughout our hopefully sunny British summer…!

What does Ruby symbolise?

Rubies are also commonly linked with love, passion and emotion due to their rich red hue. It is considered the stone of love, energy, passion, power and a zest for life! A perfect symbol for powerful feelings, you’ll often find rubies used in engagement rings or romantic gifts for Valentine’s Day. Traditionally, ruby is also the gemstone to be given on a 40th wedding anniversary.

How to Style Ruby Jewellery

We were so excited to launch our Hampton collection, which featured our first ever Rubies. We love these little hoops, they are so easy to wear and pair with your other pieces. We like stacking them with a Soho stud or complimenting with a Yellow Gold Kelso Necklace.

We would wear these pretty gold earrings with a crisp plain white t-shirt to make the colours pop and maybe a pair of blue denim jeans, or navy trousers for a smarter look. You could also swap out the tee for a white shirt to make it extra sophisticated. The great thing about these earrings are you can take them from desk to dance floor. 

We have to say, Ruby really is one of our favourite gemstones. Legend has it that putting this stone beneath the skin could even make you immortal...although we can’t recommend this, we are a little curious…