Great gift ideas for your best friend’s birthday

Celebrate your friendship with a beautiful and meaningful gift for your BFF. Jewellery makes the perfect gift for a best friend. Remember making friendship charm bracelets for your friends when you were little? Or sharing two necklaces that fit perfectly together? Time for a more grown-up and modern upgrade to show you care. To help you find the perfect gift for your best friend, we’ve got some great present ideas below, featuring beautiful jewels from Auree Jewellery.

Birthday Collections from Auree Jewellery

Every piece from Auree Jewellery would make a perfect gift for anyone; family members, wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, and of course, your best friends. We have incredible jewellery collections for the big birthdays, like 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th, 80th and 90th birthdays, for you to browse through and find the perfect piece for the special people in your life.

Westwick Yellow Gold Vermeil Disc Pendant Necklace

We’re starting off strong with a personalised delight. The Westwick Yellow Gold Vermeil Disc Pendant Necklace is a dainty yet powerful necklace that can be engraved with an initial. By printing their initial on the yellow gold disc, you’re creating something truly unique for your best friend and you’re showing them how much you care. This beautiful necklace is a great way to get some subtle customisation into your gift and it shows that you put a lot of thought and effort into your present. This pendant comes in both 9ct Yellow Gold and Sterling Silver, and you can choose between 16-18” adjustable trace chain, whatever style they prefer.

Deia Piccolo Sterling Silver Kiss Hoop Earrings

Everyone needs a good pair of hoops in their jewellery collection. The Deia Piccolo Sterling Silver Kiss Hoop Earrings are classic, sophisticated and go with everything, whether your bestie is at the office, beach or on a night out. These hoops feature cute little ‘x’ kisses on the outside, adding texture to these simple earrings and making them more exciting to look at. The Sterling Silver is bright and icy, adding an extra bit of sparkle to any outfit. Your BFF is sure to love them!

Barcelona Birthstone Bracelet

It wouldn’t be a birthday without a birthstone! The Barcelona Birthstone Bracelet is a new modern upgrade to the charm bracelet you and your best friend loved and shared as children. Find their birthstone and gift them a beautiful birthstone piece to add a pop of colour to their everyday. The bracelet we’ve chosen here is the November birthstone, Smokey Quartz. Smokey Quartz and its chocolate brown colour is extremely healing, grounding and detoxifies the mind and body. This birthstone offers a calming and cleansing presence to those who are easily stressed or plagued with uncomfortable thoughts. Each gemstone from the Barcelona collection is rose cut and set snugly inside a beaded setting, making it a true showstopping present. If you love to match with your BFF, treat yourself to a bracelet with your own birthstone for a subtle and meaningful way for you and your bestie to always be with each other even when you’re apart.

Chora Mini Circle Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Necklace

Every jewellery lover needs a sprinkling of sparkles in their lives. The Chora Mini Circle Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Necklace features dazzling Cubic Zirconia gemstones that are just as sparkly as their pricier lookalike, diamonds. Inspired by the city and mosaics of Istanbul, this necklace is just as exuberant and extravagant as the place it’s inspired by. Available in Sterling Silver (like the one pictured), 18ct Yellow Gold Vermeil and 18ct Rose Gold Vermeil, this necklace is the perfect gift for a best friend who likes something simple yet showy at the same time. 

Barcelona Turquoise Stud Earrings

Another gemstone pick, these Turquoise Stud Earrings are from the bestselling Barcelona Birthstone Collection and looking at their beauty, we can see why. Gemstone studs are the perfect everyday pair of earrings that add shape, colour, and dimension to any look. We’ve picked Turquoise for a gift for your best friend as Turquoise is the gemstone of friendship. Turquoise is a beautiful vivid blue colour that according to ancient traditions, gives you the ability to make friends, maintain friendships and brings human energies together. The Turquoise gemstone is also the stone of protection, luck, and power, which every person could do with a boost of! 

Palma Multi Gemstone & Gold Vermeil Friendship Bracelet

Part of the friendship jewellery collection, the Palma Multi Gemstone & Gold Vermeil Friendship Bracelet is a fun, colourful bangle that your best friend is guaranteed to love. This bracelet features eye-catching 18ct Gold Vermeil kiss accents that hang from the clasp and are also dotted on either side of the five natural and unique gemstones. The five gemstones are Blue Chalcedony, Green Chalcedony, Moonstone, Labradorite and Rose Quartz. The blue, green, pink, and white-grey tones complement each other beautifully and it daintily slips on the wrist, catching the light and everyone’s attention. 

Seychelles Yellow Gold Spinning Love, Travel, Laugh Pendant Necklace

Delicate, fun and tactile, this interactive Seychelles Yellow Gold Spinning Pendant Necklace is a special piece, perfect for someone special in your life like your best friend. There are big, printed letters on each side of the pendant. When you spin it, the words ‘Love’, ‘Travel’ and ‘Laugh’ are perfectly spelled out. You can choose between a classic beaded or trace chain at different lengths and pick either Sterling Silver, 18ct Yellow Gold Vermeil or 18ct Rose Gold Vermeil. It’s a pretty and meaningful necklace that speaks a beautiful message.


Marseille Triple Gold Vermeil Drop Earrings

Drop earrings are effortlessly stylish and add a great amount of movement and shape to the face and outfit, like the Marseille Triple Gold Vermeil Drop Earrings. Drop earrings are ideal for people with a round face shape, as they elongate the face and make your face appear slimmer, longer and compliment the circular silhouette. These drop earrings are inspired by the lively city of Marseille and evokes memories of the warmth and beauty of the South of France. These would make a great present for a very close friend, especially for a big birthday like their 21st or 30th.

Irini Rose Gold & Mother of Pearl Bracelet

For the best friend who loves Rose Gold, choose the Irini Rose Gold & Mother of Pearl Bracelet. Inspired by and names after the iconic Hagia Irini in Istanbul, this bracelet has an abundance of pink hues and sparkly Cubic Zirconia. The centrepiece is Mother of Pearl, a powerful and symbolic stone that attracts wealth, good fortune, luck, and prosperity. The Mother of Pearl is shaped into a clover, with each leaf representing faith, hope, love, and luck. This is truly a unique and meaningful gift that’s perfect to give to your best friend, especially if you’re both going off to new adventures, like university, a new job, marriage or becoming a parent.

Knightsbridge Sterling Silver Russian Wedding Ring

Ignore the word ‘wedding’ in the title because the Knightsbridge Sterling Silver Russian Wedding Ring is the perfect gift for a best friend. The three interlinking rings is stylish, contemporary and wonderful textured. In traditional Russian Wedding Rings, the different coloured golds all represent different meanings, and the White Gold (or in this case Sterling Silver) represents friendship. The perfect friendship ring to wear every day, this beautiful ring will completely wow them!

Bali 9ct Gold Birthstone Pendants

Finally, if you find it hard to pick gifts for people or if they’re a little picky with their jewellery, treat them with a birthstone charm like the Bali 9ct Gold Birthstone Pendants. There are twelve luxurious handset natural gemstones to choose from, including Garnet, Amethyst, Blue Topaz, Crystal, Chysoprase, Moonstone, Carnelian, Green Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Rose Quartz, Smokey Quartz and Turquoise. Each gemstone is accompanied by a solid Gold reversible disc (which are also engravable) and represent a different month and different powers and symbolic meanings. If you gift your best friend one of these gemstone charms, they can add it to a necklace or bracelet chain. Rather than just sticking to their birthstone, you can add to their collection each birthday until they have all of them!

For more gift ideas for your best friend or anyone in your life, take a look at our birthday jewellery collections and find them something perfect.