Introducing the new Santorini Jewellery Case

We are so excited to launch our latest product, the Santorini Jewellery Case. It is the perfect answer to all those jewellery problems when you go away. Be gone tangled necklaces and lost earrings! The Jewellery Case has nifty compartments for all of your jewellery, including a ring holder, an earring holder (which you can conveniently put your studs through) and two pouches to store any other loose items. What’s more, every compartment is secured with a popper to make it incredibly easy to add and remove your special pieces. My goodness, we do spoil you.

To celebrate the launch of our new Santorini Jewellery Case we asked our team what their top three pieces would be to take away with them.

Amelia, Founder

What are your top three products?

1. I love the Deia Piccolo Hoops, they are brilliant for everyday.

2. The Manhattan Moonstone Earrings are also a favourite because they feel really special yet I can also wear them everyday. Plus, what’s not to love about interchangeable drops?!

3. The Walton Bangle is a favourite because it’s just utterly classic and timeless.

And your favourite place?

Folegandros, is my absolute favourite place in Greece. It is really magical.

Ella, Operations

What are your top three products?

1. The Knightsbridge Hoops are one of my favourites among the Auree collection because they are slightly chunkier yet still really elegant.

2. I’m not usually a pearl kind of person, but I love the Sapa Pearl Necklace because it’s really flattering and so good for layering with chains.  

3. The Soho Bracelet is so dainty and delicate, it is perfect for stacking.

And your favourite place?

I've not been yet but I can't wait to go to New York. Can't wait to immerse myself in the city and all the amazing food!

Lally, Marketing

What are your top three products?

1. The Egerton Bracelet is a real favourite. It’s a standout piece and is very on trend with chunky chains that customers are loving at the moment.

2. The Monaco Green Amethyst Earrings are gorgeous and perfect for those parties coming up.

3. The Iseo London Topaz Necklace is amazing, just look at the colour of that gemstone!

And your favourite place?

Paxos. It's the ultimate place to relax.

Aidina, Operations

What are your top three products?

1. I love the Garda Necklace as it is quirky but very classic and looks great with any outfit.

2. The Manhattan London Topaz Earrings are a favourite because London Topaz is one of my favourite gemstones, it’s amazing. The Manhattan hoops are also just a timeless look which you won’t get tired of.

3. The Maddox Bracelet is a great chunky bracelet that you can wear on its own or with your other pieces. It’s really eye catching, which I like.

And your favourite place?

Istanbul, it is a very inspiring cultural city.

Tor, Marketing

What are your top three products?

1. I’ve had my eye on the Ortigia Moonstone Hoops for a while. They are really different from anything else I’ve seen and hoops are my go to earrings.

2. Another of my favourites is the Soho Necklace as I love stars. This necklace is really simple and easy to pair with other pieces, which is great.

3. I think the Ladbroke Bangle is just really classic, which I love. You can’t go wrong with that one.

And your favourite place?

I absolutely love New Zealand. It is really spectacular, especially if you love being outdoors.

Amy, E-Commerce

What are your top three products?

1. The Rowfant Earrings are one of my favourites from the collection as firstly 100% of the profits go to Little Village, an amazing charity, but secondly as they’re so colourful and fun. They’re a little bit different from the other hoops in our collection too.

2. The Iseo London Topaz Bracelet is another favourite. Clearly, there is a bit of a trend among the team for London Topaz, but that’s because it’s such an amazing stone with a beautiful deep colour.

3. I love the Egerton necklace as it is more of a statement necklace and not your everyday chain.

And your favourite place?

Barcelona because it is a city by the sea. The perfect mix.

Verity, E-Commerce

What are your top three products?

1. I love the Antibes Chrysoprase Necklace, it is a fun pop of colour but very elegant and easy to wear, which can sometimes be tricky with colourful pieces.

2. I don’t think that the Abla Earrings get enough love. They are really sweet little earrings that you can wear all the time. They make great presents too.

3. The Sofia Gold Vermeil Bracelet is so sparkly and dainty, it is a lovely one for stacking.

And your favourite place?

Puglia is next on my list. I love Italy and especially the food!

Marina, Operations

What are your top three products?

1. I love the Mini Rowfant Earrings as they are perfect for cartilage piercings and stacking your earrings.

2. The Pollara Blue Chalcedony Bracelet is a favourite of mine because the gemstone is bright and really eye catching on your wrist.

3. I think the Egerton necklace is another of my top picks because it is a real 'wow' piece, everyone loves it.

And your favourite place?

Ibiza, because there are amazing restaurants and beaches.

Fran, Operations

What are your top three products?

1. I love the Alhambra Piccolo Hoops. They have a beautiful twisted detail and are perfect for everyday.

2. The Bolton Bangle is a really classic style, which I love.

3. The Northcote Pendant on a Fenchurch chain is a real favourite of mine. I've got my daughters' footprints on mine, which is so special.

And your favourite place?

Mauritius, it has amazing swimming, snorkeling and guaranteed sun!