Chrysoprase Gemstone Guide

Hands down our favourite gemstone. There is surely nothing more uplifting, bright and eye catching than this apple green semi precious gemstone that cannot fail to bring joy to a dull day.

Sometimes called Imperial Chrysoprase, its name Chrysoprase comes from the Greek words Chrysos (meaning gold) and Prasinon (meaning green). Chrysoprase has a typically bright green colour but can vary from hues of rich dark green to a paler turquoise blue. It is this vibrant colour that defines the striking stone and makes it as special as it is.


The origin of the Chrysoprase

A rare variety of the very popular Chalcedony Quartz stone, Chrysoprase is an unusual example of where a gemstone obtains its dominant colour from a natural element.  Nickel, found in the Earth’s crust produces this wonderful bright green colour through the minute inclusions within the Chrysoprase stone. 

Found all over the world, Chrysoprase is mainly found in Indonesia, Australia, Tanzania, Germany, Poland, Russia, central America and South America. Central Tanzania has been mining the stone since 1986 and is possibly the most famous of all places for this. It was the favourite stone of Prussia’s Frederick the Great and he used it to adorn The Sanssouci Palace, his elaborate Summer Palace in Potsdam, Germany.

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The properties of Chrysoprase

As well as looking beautiful, it is also often chosen for jewellery due to its hardness and durability.  As such, it is often intricately carved and historically has been used to make some very elaborate designs. Dating back thousands of years, many pieces of Chrysoprase date back to the ancient world.  It was carved and used to make beautiful signet rings and seals by the ancient Romans and Greeks. The ancient Egyptians also wore stunning pendants, amulets and other pieces of Chrysoprase jewellery and sometimes used it in more practical ways for sealing letters.

Chrysoprase is believed to have certain magical qualities which is another reason the stone is so popular.  It is believed to bring calm, clarity and creativity to your life. It is also rumoured to enhance intuition and bring success, especially in new ventures - the ideal present for any entrepreneurs. According to legends, Alexander the Great always had a chrysoprase stone on his belt during battles, where he remained undefeated. Unfortunately for Alexander, he is believed to have misplaced this lucky gemstone one day when bathing in a river and from then on, he began to suffer losses on the battle field.



 What is the spiritual significance of Chrysoprase?

Chrysoprase is strongly connected to the heart and is very much associated with love, forgiveness, compassion and emotional healing. It is thought to open and align the heart chakra, allowing individuals to experience deeper love, empathy, and emotional balance.  It is also understood to be able to attract new love and to mend broken hearts by bringing the wearer new self-esteem. Your wing-woman and therapist in one.

The healing powers of Chrysoprase are infamous.  It is said to help recuperate from illnesses if held over a wound (and should be kept close at night) to speed up the healing process. It is also rumoured to aid peaceful sleep if placed under a pillow.

Chrysoprase is the ideal stone to wear (or to give) for anyone in need of healing, peace or prosperity. If you have a relationship that needs mending or need forgiveness, this is also the stone to use. And as if it didn’t already have enough, this calm clever stone is also believed to bring self-confidence whilst removing feelings of anxiety or depression. 



Is Chrysoprase a Birthstone?

In the world of gemstones, each month is associated with a unique birthstone that holds special meaning and significance. And for those born in May, the birthstone is the beautiful chrysoprase. This multi talented gemstone also represents the Zodiac signs of Taurus, Gemini, and Libra, making it a perfect choice if you are looking for a personal and meaningful piece of jewellery to give as a present. Aside from the powerful and cleansing properties, the thing that makes Chrysoprase so special and a symbol of vitality and renewal is the ability it has to promote optimism, self-confidence, and bring inner peace and balance to the wearer. For those born under the star sign of Gemini, chrysoprase is especially beneficial. As a star stone for their ruling planet, Mercury, this gemstone helps to manage impulsiveness and assists Gemini personalities in making confident and well-thought-out decisions. It is believed to enhance communication skills and promote harmony in relationships. 

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What is the best Chrysoprase Jewellery?

In jewellery, Chrysoprase looks utterly beautiful set in the warmth of yellow gold or in striking silver. From stud earrings, bracelets or necklaces – this is eye catching and so wearable during the day or at night.

How to look after your Chrysoprase Jewellery

To look after and clean Chrysoprase is very easy. We recommend to simply use warm soapy water and a soft cloth. It should always be kept away from any chemicals as well as prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. If the stone has faded in colour it can sometimes be resolved by storing in the dark.

Optimism, Joy and Happiness – what more could you possibly want from your jewellery?