May Birthstone Guide

The rarest and most joyous gemstone from the chalcedony family.  The Greek translation means ‘gold’ and ‘leek,’ referring to the wonderful leek green colouring of the stone.  Traditionally it has always symbolized happiness, enterprise and is believed to encourage common sense.  In the 18th century, thieves actually believed that by placing this stone in their mouth would make them invisible.  We can’t guarantee that but it was the favourite stone of Queen Anne and that’s good enough for us.


Chrysoprase | Apple Green Chalcedony

While some chalcedony varieties, such as “mtorolite” from Zimbabwe,get their green color from chromium, chrysoprases colour is derived from a presence of nickel. Some of the most valuable stones come from Australia, and so it is often referred to as ‘Australian Jade’.

Chrysoprase | Apple Green Chalcedony Legend has it | Happiness is

Wear this stone at work for inspiration and innovative ideas. Believed to be a calming stone that helps those who wear it work through their problems, and achieve success in new ventures.

Happiness, Enterprise and Common Sense. Chrysoprase, is the straight talking stone of choice in the Auree Office. 

Apple Green Chalcedony