Everyday Earrings | Hoops

Can you ever have too many pairs of hoop earrings? Absolutely not. At Auree HQ, hoops are an everyday staple which we quite frankly, can't get enough of. Here are just a few of our top picks.

1. The Deia Kiss Hoop Earrings

The Deia Kiss Hoop Earrings

We try not to have favourites but when it comes to these beautiful gold vermeil hoops, who can blame us?

2. The Dovehouse Hoop Earrings with Gemstones

The Dovehouse Hoop Earrings with Gemstones

Classic, smart and glamorous, just like you. These pretty little Cubic Zirconia gemstone hoops are perfect for when you need a little sparkle in your life. No one will ever know they aren't real diamonds unless you are CRAZY enough to tell them...

3. The Knightsbridge Russian Wedding Ring Hoops


The Knightsbridge Russian Wedding Ring Hoops


If you're looking for something bold yet simple, look no further. These fabulous little triple hoop earrings will steal every show. We can promise you that.

4. The Ronda Polished Gold Vermeil Hoop Earrings


The Ronda Polished Gold Vermeil Hoop Earrings


Stacked or alone, these gold vermeil hoops are the ultimate everyday accessory. Their irregular shape gives them an edge like no other and the polished finish means that they will always catch the (lime) light. We love. 

5. The Manhattan Hoop Earrings with Gemstone Drops


The Manhattan Hoop Earrings with Gemstone Drops


You quite simply can't go wrong with our Manhattan Interchangeable gemstone drops. Well, we think so anyway. With a choice of (almost) every colour you could ever dream of, what's not to love?