Auree Superwomen

With both International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day just round the corner, this is the month for celebrating SUPERWOMEN. 

Whether you’re looking for some fashion inspiration, pearls of wisdom or a little reassurance, then look no further than this edit. The ultimate curators of fashionable motherhood - and they do it all while juggling little ones.

Kelly Eastwood | @thelondonchatter
Kelly Eastwood
Brompton 9ct Gold Bangle

Little Rex arrived at the end of 2020 and he's already making us envious with his outfits. Leopard prints, woolly English Guardsman and all the safari animals you could dream of. Since collaborating with us on the Tembo collection Kelly has stunningly styled many an Auree piece but we love this shot of her Brompton 9ct Gold Bangle - and the inside is engraved with Rex's name and birth date.

Carlie Tasker | @carlietasker
Carlie Tasker

Another new lockdown mum who will be celebrating her first Mother's Day - Carlie and her beautiful daughter Grace who is growing up so fast. We love this photo of them with Carlie's mother Maxine - three generations of strong women. Carlie is also pictured wearing our 9ct Gold Brompton Bangle - and has their three birthdays engraved on the inside. 

Ginnie Chadwyck-Healey | @ginniech00
Ginnie Chadwyck-Healey
Barcelona Birthstone necklace

Fashion consultant and Sunday Telegraph editor Ginnie knows her style and we can't get enough of her mantra "buy fewer, buy better". We also love spotting her enchanting children - Nancy, Maggie and Walter - on her grid between all her stunning outfits. Have a browse and see if you can spot this shot of our Barcelona Birthstone necklace.

Katherine Ormerod | @katherine_ormerod @mamalovesgrey
Katherine Ormerod

Katherine has been an Auree girl right from the beginning and we've always been a fan of her personal style. And now with Grey and little Ripley on the scene we get two accounts to follow. Effortlessly stylish, she wears our Knightsbridge Hoop earrings better than anyone. 

Ashley Wilson | @amothersedit
Ashley Wilson
Bali Birthstone Bracelet

A super stylish mummy to two gorgeous little girls, Vivienne and Margot. We love that she's an advocate for finding your fashion groove after kids - and adore this picture of our Bali Birthstone Bracelet.

Christina Trapani | @chrissabella27
Christina Trapani

Another new mummy - the wonderful Christina and her lovely daughter Mariella who we're looking forward to seeing more of. Christina's wearing our Palermo earrings and Drayton pearl necklace

Victoria Morris | @victoriajanelifestyle
Victoria Morris

Mother of two handsome boys, Victoria always dresses impeccably and takes  motherhood in her stride. We love scrolling her grid for the latest home, beauty and lifestyle inspiration. Looking stunning in our Knightsbridge Hoop earrings.

Jessica Arora | @notsuchamodelmum
Jessica Arora

The amazing Jess (one half of Not Such a Model Mum) inspires us with her eternal quest to juggle everything whilst trying to have it all. Mother to the trio Max, Leo and Xander, Jess makes it look easy (which we're pretty sure it's not). Looking lovely in our Manhattan Hoops

Vikki Pearson | @styleminimalism
Vikki Pearson
9ct Gold Brompton bangle

We've always admired Vikki's minimal style and conscious lifestyle - and her passion for sustainability. We enjoy the sneak peaks of her daughter Isabelle and how she styles our 9ct Gold Brompton bangle with her latest well-made finds.

Marlenka Franks | @lefranks
Marlenka Franks

We love her squares of positivity and beautiful dresses. We hope her newest arrival, beautiful little Melody has settled in and Florence is enjoying being big sister. Spotted looking glowing in our Soho Star Necklace.

Jenny Whittingham | @alljennyloves
Jenny Whittingham

Jenny's classic style pairs perfectly with our Knightsbridge Russian Wedding Ring necklace. Her little boys, Henry and Rupert, are the sweetest partners in crime. Follow for a daily dose of family, food and fashion - Jenny's intimate captures of family life will have you instantly smitten.

Emma Faith | @emmafaith_x
Emma Faith
Granada earrings

With three at home Emma has her hands full yet she always manages to find humour in the chaos and look effortlessly stylish (spotted below in our Granada earrings). With homeschooling Ettie, potty training Ollie and breastfeeding Dougie, she's a true superwoman.