How To Stack Your Bracelets

The layered look is in and the perfect accessory to test out your stacking skills is bracelets. Stacking and layering bracelets is the best way to show off your bangles and is a chance for you to experiment with your style. If you’re new to bracelet stacking, keep reading to find out how to stack your bracelets and our top tips to creating the perfect stack.




What are stacking bracelets?

Before you start layering, it’s important to understand that every bracelet can be a stacking bracelet. Simply take a selection of bracelets and layer them together on your wrist! There isn’t a designated type of bracelet that you need to use to create your bracelet stack – you can really make it your own and experiment with your bangle collection for layering that’s completely unique to you. However, some great stacking bracelets include bangles, tennis, gemstone, beads, cuffs and charm bracelets.

Wearing multiple bracelets together has been around for ages but today’s jewellery addicts have realised that you don’t need to stick to any rules when it comes to the stacking trend. By layering multiple bracelets on your wrist and mixing different metals, materials and colours together, you can take any outfit from bohemian-chic to rock-and-roll glam - just by changing up your bangles!

Here’s our step-by-step guide to help you start your bracelet stack.

statement bracelet

Pick your magic number

Before you leap into the world of layers, start by picking the number of bracelets you want to stack. This will help you narrow down your bangle options and makes it easier to start making combinations. Typically, three is the magic layering number. Use this as your base – you can always add more or take them away, depending on what look you’re going for. Once you have an idea of how many bracelets you want to wear, you can start deciding the exciting stuff like gemstones, colours and materials.


statement bracelet


Choose a focus point

Choose a statement bracelet to be the main bangle in your stack. While all bracelets can be equally as flashy, having one bracelet as the standout piece creates a focus point and allows the others to take a back seat while balancing and accenting the whole ensemble. To do this, pick your favourite bracelet, a bangle that’s overly colourful or one that’s a different material or colour than the others in your stack. Alternatively, your watch can be the centre point and your bracelets can flank either side.


bracelet or bangle


Materials, colours and textures

Finally, pick your colours, textures and materials. This is where you can really make your bracelet stack your own.

Start with materials and colours. If you want to go for a coordinated look, choose bracelets that are made from the same material, like gold or silver. Once you have a couple gold bangles, choose a gold bracelet that has additional accents, like studded gemstones or choose one that’s in a different shape than the other bracelets, like a chain. If you want to mix up your colours, incorporate multiple metals like white, yellow and rose gold for a three-toned look that’s bright and modern.

If you want to step away from metals, choose materials like thread, beads or gemstones. These materials add texture and help mix up your look. For example, if you decorate your wrist with colourful threads and beads, you’re leaning more towards the 70s boho-chic trend. Alternatively, if you go for excess chains and gemstones, you’ve created a more modern style.

This year, beads and chains have been extremely popular. Beads are our favourite 90s throwback trend, reminiscent of pop art and the friendship bracelets we used to make as kids. Pick a mix of bright neon beads that are interspersed with fun icons for a burst of colour that’s perfect for summer. Chain jewellery has been sweeping the runway and looks beautiful thin and dainty or oversized and chunky. Thin chains are a great choice for a filler or accent bracelet, to really show off bangles that are more colourful or decorative. Alternatively, choose a chain that’s supersized and surround it with plain thin bangles to make the bracelet shape and metal the star of the show.


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