5 ways to personalise your jewellery

With Christmas coming up (plus Valentine’s Day is not too far off the horizon), jewellery is a popular gift and so is personalisation. Personalising or customising jewellery is a thoughtful way to make a piece truly unique to the person you’re giving it to and to show much you care. You might think that personalisation is just for necklaces, but you can personalise every type of jewellery, including rings, bracelets, cufflinks, watches and even earrings! There are so many ways to personalise jewellery, from engraving to charms, gemstones to fingerprints. If you need some extra guidance on how to personalise your jewellery, keep reading for the 5 best ways to do it.

Writing engraving

The most popular way of personalising jewellery is engraving. Dates, names, and messages are great ways to personalise jewellery, and bracelets, rings, necklaces, and watches are all types that can be personalised by engraving. Engraving is something the designer or brand will take care of for you – you simply have to let them know what you want them to engrave. If you’re buying something small like a ring or a disc charm, go for engraving that’s smaller like dates and initials. For more of a written-out message, go for something bigger like a necklace or watch.

Rings are our favourite type of jewellery to engrave as they’re the most personal and meaningful pieces to give. You can add some engraving to the inside of the ring, which is a great idea if you’re giving an engagement or wedding ring. Watches are also great jewellery to engrave as you can write long message on the back of the watch face. Quite a few wedding anniversaries have time and clocks as the symbol, so engraving watches are a great anniversary gift that you can add yours and your husband or wife’s love story to.


A special and unique way to personalise your jewellery is with fingerprints. One of Auree Jewellery’s signature collection is the ‘Something Personal’ collection which offers fingerprint necklaces and cufflinks. The pendant of the necklace or cufflink can be engraved with a loved one’s fingerprint in gold or silver. On the other side, you can also add some extra writing on the back. A really popular way of doing this is with a new-born’s fingerprint and having the name, date and weight printed on the back. This is a great gift idea for new parents, as a Christmas, Mother or Father’s Day or as a push present. Fingerprints are so unique so having a necklace with this personal print that’s not the same as everyone else’s is truly a meaningful and thoughtful present.

Initial charms

Who doesn’t love an initial pendant? Most commonly found on necklaces, initials and name charms have been made famous by the iconic Carrie Bradshaw and most recently the girls from Love Island 2021. They’re a fun way to subtly personalise something for someone who doesn’t like it to be too obvious or in-your-face. You can either choose a pendant that’s just the name or initial, or you can go for a disc charm that has this printed or engraved on the plate. For something versatile or if you’re buying for someone who likes to mix up their jewellery, go for a charm that you can attach to a chain, bracelet or even hoop earrings.


Another subtle way to personalise jewellery while also adding a burst of colour is birthstones. Birthstones are a form of personalisation as you can customise them to your birth month or to someone else’s if you’re buying a present. There are 12 main birthstones (one for each of the 12 months), but each month also has up to 2 or 3 gemstones to choose from. The ‘official’ or traditional birthstones are as follows: garnet, amethyst, aquamarine, diamond, emerald, pearl, ruby, peridot, sapphire, opal, citrine, and turquoise. You can also pick other gemstones for each of the months like rose and smokey quartz for October and November, moonstone for June, carnelian for July, chrysoprase for May, blue topaz for March and lapis lazuli for September. Pick a birthstone necklace, bracelet, or earrings for a great meaningful present.  You can also choose gemstones by their meaning, so look into the properties of gemstones and find one that speaks the most to you or one that you think would benefit another person positively.


Finally, a traditional (but not old fashioned!) way to personalise jewellery is with crests. A family crest or coat of arms are powerful family symbols that have been passed down by generations. It’s a testament to your family name, legacy and is something to keep with you forever. A crest is typically within an official coat of arms and has unique designs that relate to your family – either by name, jobs, or achievements. If you know your family crest already, you can go ahead and get it printed on a signet ring. If not, you can find your family crest online. A signet ring is the most popular way to print and display your family crest. The main part of the ring is typically bigger and rounder than other designs, to fully display the crest in all it’s glory. Crest printed signet rings make great gifts, especially for the big birthdays like 18, 21, 30, 40 and 50.

The Something Personal collection from Auree Jewellery is the perfect collection for any birthday, Christmas, or anniversary present. Dive in today and find the best gifts for your family, friends and even yourself!