Why Russian Wedding Rings are so special

One of Auree Jewellery’s most popular and beautiful collections is the Walton collection, which features unique and special Russian Wedding Rings. Russian Wedding Rings are made up of three interlocked metal bands that create a single ring. They’re one of the most precious and timeless rings that you can give to someone else, so if you and your partner are looking for wedding rings or eternity rings, take a look at Russian Wedding Rings. To find out why Russian Wedding Rings are so special, keep reading for all the details.

What is a Russian Wedding Ring?

A Russian Wedding Ring is a single ring that consists of three metal bands that are interlocked together. The bands are typically quite thin, and they tightly overlap so each band is weaved together without any empty space and so they move as one ring.

Unsurprisingly, Russian Wedding Rings originate from Russia but not in the way you might think. The Russian Wedding Rings name refers to the design that was first seen in Russia in the 19th century. The design was originally called trio, trinity or rolling rings, but they became extremely popular in Russia in the 1800s. The ring became a common wedding ring design in Russia and was a favourite of many Russian brides before it became popular around the world.

Each of the Russian Wedding Ring bands are made from different coloured gold: yellow, white, and rose gold. The different colours have special meanings, but you can also get Russian Wedding Bangles, or you can get these rings all in one colour. Russian Wedding Rings don’t typically feature any gemstones or extra embellishments, but can be set with any stone you like, with the most popular being diamonds. The trio of gold colours of the ring is the main attraction of the ring, as well as the intricate and twisted texture and shape. Russian Wedding Rings are traditionally wedding rings so should be worn on the ring finger on the left hand but in traditional Russian culture, the ring would be worn on the ring finger on the right hand, so it’s up to you which tradition you’d like to go with.

What is the symbolism of Russian Wedding Rings?

Russian Weddings Ring have many meanings, mainly due to their colours and the number of weaved bands. All these symbols can relate to any type of couple, but you can also make up your own special meaning for you and your other half. 

Starting with the colours, each coloured Gold has its own meaning. Yellow Gold represents fidelity, White Gold represents friendship and Rose Gold represents love. When all three colours are combined, they create a symbol of eternal love, which makes it an extremely personal and popular design for a wedding or promise ring. 

Since we’re talking about relationships, Russian Wedding Rings typically represents trios or triads. This isn’t discussing people within the relationship but rather the illustration of marriage, like the past, present and future and then, now, and forever. Love, loyalty, and friendship can also be a symbol and if you’re starting a family, they can represent father, mother, and child.

Other meanings for Russian Wedding Rings are derived from the amount of rings and the Church. The three bands are said to be representative of the Holy Trinity: the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Wearing the ring on the ring finger acts as a symbol that blesses the marriage and the three bands can also represent mind, body and spirit or faith, hope and charity.

Different coloured variations: what do they mean?

Of course, you can choose Russian Wedding Rings all in one colour, so all yellow, all white or all rose. Depending on your style or the meaning you want, you can pick all one colour or a mix of the three.

Yellow Gold is the sturdiest metal type and if you pick an all-yellow Gold ring, it represents the strength of your relationship and wedding. White Gold symbolises friendship which makes it a great ring for a close or best friend. However, if you want to give this ring to your lover, white Gold symbolises flexibility as it’s the softest metal in the combination. An all-white Gold ring represents a couple that can compromise, adapt, and work well together. As rose Gold is romantic and full of love, it’s the perfect ring to give to a loved one. If you choose an all-rose Gold ring, it signifies romance and the rarity of true love, as even though rose Gold has become very popular, it’s still considered a rare metal.

Why giving a Russian Wedding Ring is so special

Due to their meanings and colours, Russian Wedding Rings are extremely special and giving them to someone else shows who much you love and care for them. Wedding rings are a popular way of giving these special creations, but you can also give them to a friend or family member. The Russian Wedding Ring design can also come in a necklace, bracelet or earring form to make them a bit more versatile and casual if you’re giving the design to a friend and not a lover!

Giving a Russian Wedding Ring as a wedding ring or choosing the same style together before you head down the aisle is very popular. Pick all three colours to get the true power and meaning of the ring. If you’re superstitious or you love symbolism, the colours and meanings of a Russian Wedding Ring is said to create a bond that will create a strong foundation of your commitment to one another and your marriage. 

If you’re not ready to tie the knot but want to show your dedication to someone, you can give a Russian Wedding Ring as a promise ring. Promise rings signify the commitment to your relationship and acts as a promise for a future marriage. Again, you can pick all three colours or choose just rose gold for romance. If marriage isn’t for you but you want to have children someday, you can choose all yellow gold to promise your fidelity, loyalty and plans for the future.

Finally, a Russian Wedding Ring can be a great Mother’s or Father’s Day gift or as a Christmas or birthday present to a relative. Russian Wedding Rings can represent father, mother, and child, so if you’re an only child you can give this style to your parent as a meaningful gift. If a close friend of yours or relative is expecting a child, a Russian Wedding Ring can also be a great push present or baby shower gift.